High Level / Procedural Modeling

Plugins adding details to models by merging current mesh with additional objects or by adding details procedurally

PolyGnome : allows to construct models by seamlessly adding mesh details on selected polygons, which get replaced by prepared assets (one at a time) ($)

fusionThing : similar to PolyGnome, but way more advanced procedural modeling system allowing to fusion child meshes to parent mesh (add them individualy, or for whole object or polygon selection) ($)

: python generator creates random, nested extrusions resulting in a “greebled” look on a mesh (it is not exactly a plugin, but a c4d file with a generator) (free)

Py-Parametric tools : simple parametric modeling with generators and modifiers (free)

NitroFit Mod : generator analogue to old Bevel operator allows to create objects parametrically. It allows to limit operations to components generated by previous NitroFit Mod generator (Part of NitroFit plugin) ($)

E-Combo : generator that allows to work with operations like extrude, inset, matrix extrude, close hole in non destructive manner. Multiple e-combo generators can be stacked. It can operate on selections applied on correction deformer.

StackGenerator : similar to E-Combo, but more advanced, with support for much more modeling commands. ($)

Generators / Deformers

commands help to perform boolean operations by automatically creating a special boolean generator and tag, enabling to quickly create objects. (Beware - faulty C4D boolean engine is used, so sometime artifacts are created like with C4D boolean generator) ($)

V-Boole Tools
: Like MeshBoolean it helps to create complex C4D boolean hierarchies from multiple objects, but it uses just C4D boolean generators, and lacks features like edge beveling or crease ($)

(Houdini asset) boolean generator based on OpenVDB and Houdini Engine. It generates hi polygon boolean meshes with soft (rounded) edges (free)

generator adding thickness to a mesh (free)

Chamfer Maker
: generator that chamfers/bevels edges. Similar to C4D Bevel deformer, but with many additional options + chamfer command. Version for R12 R14 (free)

Solid Chamfer : another chamfer generator, with fewer options. (free)

Subdivision inverse : modifier that recomputes an approximation of the original subdivision object according to inverted Catmull-Clark method (free)

Proc3Durale 2
: build an object according to a 3d shader ($)

: older, free version. It can be also used to voxelate any object : set Falloff to 0, Shader to color (white), and put object link to Source field. (ensure that object is large enough, or you have enough sampling) (free)

: generator modifies parametrically object's edges and faces creating fantastic cell effects ($)

TopoFormer : deformer changing mesh topology along new pattern lines (cubic, voronoi cells, honeycomb, twister...) that can be also extruded ($)

: deformer creates a cells effect on objects based on Voronoi and Catmull-Clark diagram. Pattern can be extruded, smoothed and animated ($)

: transforms Delaunay triangle-mesh into cell like Voronoi topology (free)

: generates on a flat square a Voronoi-Diagram or a Delaunay-Triangulation that can be influenced by particles or objects (also cloner instances). It generates splines or polygons. (free)

: very fast and flexible generator with multiple output options : voxels, clones, tetraeder generator, TP generator, Iso Surface Polygonizer, Point Cloud Generator (video) ($)

: fast voxel generator - creates a single voxelated object or a point cloud($)

- voxelizer compatible with dynamics, use render instances, variable size and detail of voxels, MoGraph compatible ($)

Magic Cubes
: transforms an object into an object made of separate cubes or any defined shape (eg. sphere, lego block...) Voxelated object can be broken using dynamics (free)

: can generate various kinds of lego blocks and it generates lego-like objects made of such bricks ($)

Magic Pixel
: flat image voxelizer - helps to create a flat matrix of objects coloured by bitmap (free)

: similar to Magic Pixel, it creates a flat matrix of voxels from a bitmap ($)

Magic Sweep
: generator that multiplies objects along a spline and adjust their shape so they fill the volume around the spline (free)

: generator creating parallely sliced version of input object. It allows to animate the process ($)

Slice It
: is a tool that cuts polygon objects with freely positioned plane objects and generates separate cut pieces ($)

AdvancedAtomArray : (download) similar to C4D Atom Array generator, but with additional options (free)

: generates supershapes which are extension of the both the equation of the sphere and ellipse ($)

ASG (Abstract Shape Generator)
: create abstract shapes using deformers and primitives ($)

Crystal Generator - scatter crystal shapes on objects surface. Apparently nothing you couldn't create with Mograph ($)

Noise Deformer : Similar to C4D Displacer deformer, it deforms objects based on noise functions (free)

Lattice Plane : Similar to FFD Deformer but in 2D. It allows to reshape an object by moving points on deformers lattice.

Déformateur Point : deformer that offers transformations similar to soft selection and PSR transformations. (free/$)

Path Deformer : deforms objects by a spline without loosing proportions ($)

UV Deformer : generator that projects its child object on a target object using its UV map : object is deformed and put on target's surface in the same way as texture is (free)

Magic Projector : deformer that projects parent object's points onto a target objects surface using a flat projection along target object's X, Y or Z axis. As it flattens projected objects, it is useful mainly for projections of splines or flat surfaces (free)

PointProjector : similar to Magic Projector, but with additional spherical projection mode, falloff, and restriction by vertex map (free)

Smooth : Powerful mesh smoothing plugin. Comes as deformer and dialog based (free)

Expand Deformer : Scales an object's points from an alternate axis or along their normals. (part of mega deformer pack) ($)

Snap Deformer : snaps objects points to a grid creating a voxel like effect ($)

Rebend Deformer
: alters existing curvature of models. Straighten out pre-bent objects ($)

Dépliage : unfolder deformer creates an unfolding effect (ribbon) ($)

Unfurl : generates polygons unfolding effect (one by one) for animations with optional polygon extrusion (extrusion does not work in >R15) ($)

Fold It : helps to create rigs of joints for physicaly accurate folding of polygonal sheets ($)

: deformer gives an elastic effect to animated objects, smimilarly to C4D Jiggle deformer, but easier to setup (free)

Motion Stretch Deformer : stretches object through time along the path of its animation ($)

Membrane Deformer : make portions of models stretchy (e.g. for webbed feet) ($)

Impact Deformer
: creates on objects surface ripples defined with splines ($)

Collision Deformer : soft body deformations at impact. Now made obsolete by C4D own collision deformer ($)

Seam Deformer : joins two sets of object's edges together (e.g. for zipping cloth effects) ($)

Scroll Roll Deformer
: roll up object geometry (e.g. paper scrolls, carpets, create sprouting animations like feathers growth) ($)

Sphere Wrap Deformer : wraps geometry around a sphere with only one pole (Less pinching on front facing elements) ($)

Twirl Deformer
: Bends geometry into spirals (part of super deformer pack)

CV-SubDeformer : deformer that subdivies an object based on falloff (video 1) ($)

Dynamic Subdivier (Adaptive Subdivider) deformer that subdivises an object from the camera frustum video (free)

Spline Guide : dynamically align hairs along a spline ($)

Linear Deformer Scripts : scripts that create a Linear falloff deformer. This allows you to utilize the plain effector to quickly adjust a selection of points with falloff ($)

Lissage Catmull-Clark
: py script command smoothens an objects using Catmull-Clark method but without subdividing it (free)

Déformateur Utilitaires : allows to apply following comands to the mesh : Optimize, Align/Reverse Normals, Close Holes, Triangulate/Untriangulate (free)

ToPoly : tag generator creating polygonal live instances of primitives and performing operations like: delete (random, n-th), crumple, wireframe, cross-triangulate, triangulate, untriangulate, optimize. It also works with spline primitives and allows to change their spline type, define chamfering, outline (video 1, 2) ($)

Instance Vault : workflow plugin offering several commands helping in creation and management of instances. Some are intended to replace C4D commands that can't cope well with instances (free)

CSTO : (Current State to Object) generator creates a mesh object from its procedural input mesh ( you get a mesh, while steel keeping control over its procedural version) (video) (free)

xsPolyInstance : similar to CSTO, but operates as a command/tag that creates a realtime polygonal instance of the selected object (video) ($)

rcupérer le cache d'un objet : py script command creates object copy from its displayed state in Viewport (useful for very complex booleans, which otherwise would take time to recompute, or deformed objects) (free)

Edit-Optimize : script that makes the repetitive task of making objects editable...to just ONE (free)

Multi-Modifier 2 : allows to join multiple deformers into a single deformer object and use one falloff (info) (free)

pyDeform : helps to assign and match deformers to objects, including matching deformer axis to object. Same can be achieved by Shift Clicking on Deformer or using "Fit To Parent" button($)

xsDeformation : fits selected deformer to deformed object PSR (Position / Scale / Rotation). Same can be achieved by Shift Clicking on Deformer or using "Fit To Parent" button ($)




Falloff can be used to control the strength of deformers and MoGraph effectors :

Spline Falloff
: create a falloff along the length of a spline (free)

CA Super Source Falloff
: falloff influenced by scene objects, spline and particles ($)

CA Noise Falloff
: adds noise to an existing falloff shape (e.g. to add randomness to Mograph effectors) ($)

CA Boole Falloff
: combine two existing effectors falloffs to create a new falloff shape ($)

Shadow Falloff
: create a falloff in the shadow of another object (free)

Magic FallOffMod : provided falloff for C4D deformers that didn't support falloff. It is still useful because it allows handy positioning of falloff using PSR axis (free)


Vertex map

Vertex map contains a value for each point (vertex) of the object. It can be used for modification of objects shape (depending oin its values, it can restrict certain areas of the mesh from recieveing influences eg. from tools, deformers etc...), it can influence MoGraph effectors and can be used for shading (used in materials via Vertex Map shader). Vertex Maps produce the best results on relatively dense and regular meshes with aligned normals facing outside. C4D allows to manually paint VM on the mesh. Numerous plugins mentioned below can generate VM procedurally taking in account various properties of the mesh and its dynamics :

Topo Maps
: creates in realtime procedural vertex maps using various criteria: mesh density, curvature, AO, volume depth, shadow, deformations. Plugin also includes Polyon Transfer Tag allowing to connect complex structure into a single mesh and Vertex Map shader referencing VM by name ($)

Influence Point
: tag that creates VM based on points speed, rotation, stretching, acceleration, position, mesh density, thickness, angle. Also it can generate a VM python effector and VM material ($)

Difference Map : Creates VM based on objects' deformation (e.g. to control material shader) ($)

PLAVelocity : creates VM based on objects points velocity (e.g. to drive a shader for soft body - material changing on impact) ($)

Vertex AO : tag that creates VM based on AO/Proximity values. It can be used to speedup render or create special effects base on geometry indentations/crevices ($)


NitroVertex : creates VM from Falloff objects, channel shaders. It allows to mix separate VM. Excellent help for proportional modeling. It also creates VM based on AO/inverted AO and points speed ($)

Vertex Map Animator : allows to interpolate between several vertex maps. It helps to create and animate special effects using the Vertex Map Shader ($)

VertexMapMix : tag that combines several vertex maps into a new vertex map. Normal, Min/Max, Add, Subtract ($)

PolyMass Vertex Map < - > Polygon Selection (free)

PolyPaint : vertex painting in RGBA (color+alpha) Now obsolete ($)


Effectors & MoGraph

Effectors influence the effect prduced by Deformers and MoGraph Cloner.

Selection Effector : Similar to Falloff object from NitroVertex. It modifies selections and vertex map tags using Falloff. Part of Add Effectors plugin ($)

Fit Effector
: scales down clones to prevent overlapping - similar to C4D Push Appart Effector in Scale mode. Part of Add Effectors plugin ($)

Surface Effector
: Transfer MoGraph clones from one object surface to another object. Part of Add Effectors plugin ($)


NOTA Effector : helps create MoGraph animations without using key-frames. It moves clones from a defined initial position, to a final position defined by Cloner ($)

Cluster Effector
: aggregates Mograph clones together ($)

ct-dla-effector : fake diffusion limited aggregation effector (free)

ct-curl-noise : effector for creating curl noise movement (free)

: generates setups like MoGraph Cloner by cloning cubes along a spline - for motion graphics effects (video) ($)
AutoConnect : connects many objects with MoGraph dynamics connectors (free)
ManualKerning : influence the kerning distance (and a bit more) of MoText objects (free)

Game of Life : XPresso setup generating in C4D game of life objects (free)



Velocity Effector : Modify your Mograph clones based on their speed (free)





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