Models, Materials, Scenes for Cinema 4D


The French Monkey Style (TFMStyle) : Plenty of goodies for C4D - Skies, Terrain (World Machine), C4D objects, Rock, Scaned Monuments, HDRI etc...



: Over 100 C4D models of various quality - from very simple to very detailed.

: 9 HQ techno models for C4D (download)

: numerous C4D project files and libs.

C4D Download - Dozens of C4D scenes, mainly architectural

Gray Scale Gorilla
: few objects and a couple of interesting example scenes.
: A dozen of sample scenes fro C4D

: various C4D scene files

: tons of free Z-Brush models (also OBJ)

: objects/scenes in various common formats

Orbolt : Houdini assets for C4D

Substance Share : Excellent quality Substance materials that can be used in C4D. There is a dozen of free substances on Substance Source

Cinema4DTutorial : dozens of objects and collections of material

C4D Center
/ Vault : materials for C4D and a couple of objects

Holger Biebrach
: Real time Utility Shaders and interface colour sheme

C4D Templates - hundreds text intro templates for C4D


Pinterest - Cinema 4d - Free Stuf : links to free content for C4D


C4DSource : Various scenes and object for C4D

Codeworkers : a couple of models and setups for C4D

Microbion : a few simple C4D models

Rock Heigh Generator : Substance based material






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