CPU Renderers (use main processor) :

CPU renderer provides the bridge between C4D and Arnold Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer ($)

CPU renderer allows to render from within C4D interface (no need to export scenes to external renderer) ($)

CPU renderer + scatter system ($)

renderer provides seamless integration with C4D interface ($)

Cycles 4D
- Blender Cycles Render engine (CPU/GPU), node based, with support for X-Particles, TurbulenceFD (TUT) ($)

GPU Renderers (use graphic card processor) :

GPU accelerated physically correct renderer ($)

GPU unbiased renderer, not limited by GPU memory (forum) (alpha stage - free)

fully GPU accelerated biased renderer ($)

Nvidia live physically based rendering providing instant feedback (e.g. so needed when adjusting scene lighting) ($)

Cycles 4D
- Blender Cycles Render engine (CPU/GPU), node based, with support for X-Particles, TurbulenceFD (TUT) ($)

Thea Render
GPU accelerated real time preview render ($)



Render Engines Comparison

V-Ray tools :

SolidRocks : automates the complex setup of V-Ray ($)
VrayTools : make working with Vray Shaders as easy as with c4d shaders (free)
UVW Mapper : camera projections for Vray ($)
IES Light Collector : helps to overcome a bug in VRay-C4D : IES light files won't be copied correctly in the tex folder (free)

Instances Octane : py script that generates the list of instances for Octane (free)



MatteMatic : script that allows you to add all the object buffers in your scene to the Multipass Render Settings with a single click ($)
: Allows to select object for object buffer for multipass rendering (free)
BufferList : lists objects in object buffer, helpful when defining rendering Multi-Pass with object buffers (free)
Flash Buffer : helps to create object buffer passes ($)
Buffer Booster : simplifies adding adding object buffers for multi-pass and creating muti-pass setup for buffers ($)
Quick Matte Pro : helps defining rendering multi-pass : sets mattes, add object buffers, and add every single object buffer to multipass render settings with one click ($)
Renomi : helps to organize Multi-Pass image sequences and maintain Object Buffer names (free)
TakeMatPass : render multi-pass extension that outputs individual B&W materials passes or indexed (different colors for each material ID) ($)

Burn Alert : helps user during lighting calibration to find the burned (overexposed) regions of rendering (free)

Post effects

Simple Colormap : Post effect color mapping plugin (free)
DeGamma : suite of post effects like chroma blur, bloom, glow, haze, tone mapping, lens distortion, bleach bypass, degamma ($)

zBlur 2 : a post effect which can be used as an alternative to C4D's own DOF (free)
enDOFin : post effect plugin to achieve advanced depth of field (DOF) effects ($)

Glare : glow post effect plugin blurs bright areas to create a more natural look of renderings ($)

White Lights : 2.5D volumetric FX post effect rendering splines, points,edges and particles, as solid light with nice glare ($)
LSD : a post effect which creates stunning color/special effects for pictures or animations (free)
Watermark : a post effect that draws an image over your render (free)

Format for VR / Panorama / 3D

CV-Alioscopy Camera : allows to record 3D scenes for glasses free 3D screens using Alioscopy technology ($)

CV-VRCam : allows to render virtual reality content using Equirectangular, Omni-Directional Stereo or Cube Maps ($)

Blendy360Cam : allows to render panoramas, fulldome, fisheye, stereoscopic, cubemap, cylindrical,little planet

HDRToCubemap : create a VideoGame Cubemap from a panoramic HDRI image file ($)

Magic 3D : helps to create 3D movies (free)

Batch, Team render

PV Render Queue : queue render jobs and render them directly in the Picture Viewer (free)
LMR : Lo-key Multi Renderer allows to render multiple scenes with more options than batch rendering (various cameras and render settings) ($)

Distributed Render
: allows to render a single image in high resolution on several computers connected with C4D or NET render client ($)
Team Render HTTPS : Support for Team Render Webserver (free)

Drop & Render : one click solution to render on Dutch 24/7 render farm (free)

Finished render alert

Granola : sound alert about rendering completion (free)
Hangover : notifies about rendering completion (on phone, e-mail...), can shout down computer (free)
Team Render Notifier : notifies you when a team render job is done (through mobile, email, twitter, etc...) (free)
xsPostRender : informs you about end of rendering by sending an e-mail (with rendered picture) or playing a sound (from URL) ($)




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