Save/ Import / Export

SelectSave : Save / Export selected objects to individual files or grouped, simultaneously imports many objects to current scene (free)
Coolect : does the same as C4D "Save Project with Assets" + file zipping, collect report, comments and can be used on non opened scenes (free)
texMATE : Extract and collect all used textures into a selected folder (free)
Pancake : saves/restores scenes in backup directory (free)
Select NGo : Exports selected objects form C4D to custom directory in a multifile output (FBX, ABC, DAE) (free)
File Lock : protect scene content with password (hides structure displayed in Object Manager) ($)
Container Object : collapse (hides) objects hierarchy, tags, materials into a password protected container (free)

C4DtoMAX MAXtoC4D : Transfer scene between C4D and 3DsMax with 2 clicks ($)

[Auto]CAD2C4D : export native AutoCAD scenes into C4D ($)
TIP : PowerReducer can help to make AutoCAD scenes manageable in C4D (simplifies, celans, merge...)

Riptide Pro : .obj import/export ($)
Parse-MTL-C4D : parse .MTL files that contain material descriptions for scenes imported form .OBJ files (free)
Obj Sequence Importer : import of animated OBJ files focused on Blender fluid simulation ($)
OBJ Sequence Exporter : exports OBJ file sequences that can be imported into Plexus using the Plexus OBJ Object (free) : import/export to Rhino ($)

Interposer Pro : link between Poser & Cinema 4D ($)
Interposer Ltd : limited version of Interposer Pro (shop) ($)

ZBrush Fibermesh to C4D Hair Object : script that converts ZBrush Fibermesh to C4D Hair Object (code) (free)

Sketchfab exporter : allows to export and publish models directly to sketchfab website (free)

OSM Importer : imports *.osm or *.osm.xml files into C4D ($)

CX : tool for creating animated web content (exports projects in the web standard HTML5/CSS3) ($)

C4D-anim-UE4 : export default key frame object animation to the Unreal Engine and export as a (*.fbx) file all in one go (free)

ArtSmart : import from Adobe Illustrator or PDF into C4D (free)
4D Publish : export to 3D PDF format and additional tools helping with painting, sculpting, AO baking etc... ($)

Import SVG : import filter for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) ($)
DDS Loader : imports DDS images into C4D (download) (free)

m3IO : Import Blizzard's .m3 mesh files (free)
I/Ogre : import/export in Ogre3D, .smd, .ms3d fomats ($)
Import Racer DOF : py script allowing to import object files .dof from Racer game (free)
MMD Tool : imports MMD (Miku Miku Dance) characters into C4D (free)


CV-SmartExport : Helps to export selected objects and create separate files for each scene layer or object group. Bake Position, Scale, Rotation and PLA data prior to export ($)

CV-ArtSmart : allows to add graphics from Adobe Illustrator or PDF files into C4D (free)

CV-Swim-ase-Importer : allows to import Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ase) files to create materials and shaders from color swatches. It can put swatch colors into gradient, colorizer, multishader, separate materials... manual (free)

CV-Import Image As : allows to load image(s) directly intio materials, decals, sprites, gobos, planes, skies, background, foreground. ($)

CV-PlaneSmart : import Photoshop layers into planes and distribute them into z-space ($)

Sketch4D - download and directly import the 3D Google Warehouse models into C4D
GE-Terrain - acquire the digital terrain model from Google Earth into C4D

Din3D Importer : imports Din3D files and establish a link with ArchiCAD (free)

wTurboCheck : provides additional validation for TurboSquid models submission

Restore CAD Feature Tree : command that tries restoring "feature tree" relationships found in CAD files (free)

Unfold3D : Exporter for Unfold3D format ($)

OBJ Sequence Export : exports an OBJ sequence ($)

CD FBX Import/Export : FBX import and export for characters rigged with CD Character Rigging plugins ($)




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