Tools goodies :

List of opened C4D documents (scenes) :

ToolPresets allows to save and reuse parameters settings for C4D tools - very useful especially for storing various bevel tool settings for different components (free)

: remembers the last tool used with object (e.g. magnet), mode (e.g. polygons), XYZ axis lock and restores them next time the object gets selected (video) (free)

: tag that allows to link any C4D command to object activation (e.g. activate rotate tool, when object get selected (this can be handy for door objects)) (free)

: displays a small dockable window with the list of opened C4D documents, allowing to quickly switch between them. A 2xclick on the empty space creates a new file (free)

: displays all open documents (C4D scenes) as tabs, allowing easily to access any scene ($)

: displays all open documents (C4D scenes) as tabs, allowing easily to access any scene or close it ($)

PSR (Position Scale Rotation) & Axis :

Transform Resize objects only in direction you need. It also allows to shear and rotate along selected edge of object's bounding box (free)

Parametric Toolkit
non uniform resizing of objects by grabbing by bounding box corner, posing objects on other objects surface VIDEO ($)

PSR manipulator that operates simultaneously in 3 modes, no need to switch between move, scale, rotate (R13 only) VIDEO (free)

Uniform Resizer (pyResize) : allows to resize an object to an exact size by entering just one dimension value (handy when docked next to coordinates window) (free)

Nudge-It : move, rotate, or scale an object by a small incremental amounts (similar can be done with arrow keys or Quantizing) (free)

PSR Clipboard
: allows to copy/paste at the same time all 3 XYZ values from object PSR (position, scale, rotation) (transfer command fulfills similar function) (free)

: Copy-Paste Point Position copy/paste at the same time all 3 XYZ position values of a single point (obsolete - point snapping produce same effect) (free)

RotateAxis automatically adjusts object axis orientation to dominant mesh structure directions (free)

Magic Center Centers generators to their children geometry. Centers objects axis to each object's bounding box center or selected components. (free)
TIP : C4D Centers Axis To does similar but don't affect generators . VIDEO


Object Manager

CV-Object Manager Tools
: 17 scripts helping with operations in Object Manager (Selection of objects/tags, bufers, layers, materials) Manual ($)

alphabetically_sort_objects : script alphabetically sorts all objects under selected parents (free)

Create Null Hierarchy : duplicates selected hierarchy as nulls named according to the original hierarchy's and having same positions/orientations like the original objects

OM2File2 : Outputs a text file representation of the Object Manager hierarchy (free)

Label : labels helps organize complex scenes/objects. Fast access to labeled objects from viewport. Better visibility in Object Manager (custom labels) ($)

SceneDocumentor : advanced documentation system : add comments to objects and generates exposé of C4D scene in HTML download (free)

Commentator : a tag that can be attached to any object and store a note, date, name (to make job assignments) Now made obsolete by C4D own Annotation and ToDo tags (free)

Group Object
: Groups selected objects under a Group Object that become selected when clicking on any of its child objects. Very helpful when you need to move objects made of many subobjects (free)

ContainerTAG : Tag applied to parent object allows to hide children objects from hierarchy in Object Manager. Also objects selectability can be turned off. ($)

Storage Bin : Tag that stores current object states as backups, so you can restore them when something goes wrong during modeling (it differs from undo function, because it saves object states within the .cd4 file) ($)

Vault : is a group object that turns off generators of its child objects. It can be used to store intermediate states of objects, their parametric versions, alternative versions without slowing down the interface because of active generators ($)

KeepManager : Workflow plugin - allows to store some objects from a complex scene and access them quickly without browsing through hierarchy in OM, same for PSR in rigs (store rig position) ($)


Material / Selection Tags :

tagTREATER : allows to select a tag and affect all other tags of same type (move them in the list) create multiple texture tags with new materials for selected objects etc...(free)

CV-Selection Manager : Displays a window with object's polygon selection tags. Very helpful when dealing with numerous selection and texture tags. Displays tag names, allows operations like select, hide, rename($)

Nettoie-Mat (Clean Mat Tags) : py script displays a dialog window with 3 options allowing to removes empty texture tags, unused texture tags, unused polygon selection tags.
Acts only on the selected objects (free)

KTools : provides two commands : CS removing empty Selection Tags and
CM removing unassigned Texture tags whose ‘Selection’ property (Selection Tag) is empty or whose Material is missing.
Acts globally on whole scene (free)

xsTextureTags : removes all empty texture tags (linked to non existent materials).
Acts globally on whole scene. (free)

Delete All Texture Tags : script that removes all texture tags from selected object and its children (C4D command Select Identical Child Tags, then Delete) (code) (free)


Generators, Tags, Objects switching ON/OFF, selecting objects/Tags upon their visibility status :

Object Switcher (HNDisabler) : Displays all types of objects present in the scene and allows to switch the visibility and activation of all objects of a specified type (free)

GeneratorSW : Displays all generators present in the scene and allows to switch ON/OFF all generators of the same type or invert their ON/OFF state (free)

Global ON/OFF
: selects / switches ON/OFF all objects of a selected type or Tags (free)

xsHNSwitch : a simple command that switches ON/OFF all Subdivision generators in the scene. Very handy when assigned to a key-shortcut (free)

HN&CN Switch
: a simple script command that switches ON/OFF all Subdivision and Cloth generators in the scene. Very handy when assigned to a key-shortcut (free)

Sentaku : allows to selects and solos objects according to their ON/OFF or visibility state in Object Manager (red/green dots, generator ON/OFF) or tags they use (free)

SwitchObject : allows switching visibility of object groups for easily configurable setups (e.g. exchanging various types of wheel rims on a car) (free)

Magic Switch : is an object that allows to quickly switch between two states of parametric objects and tags (e.g. low poly sphere / high poly sphere). It is also useful on big projects when you need to turn off numerous tags at one click (free)

Toggle Visibility : tag that allows to toggle “Visible in Editor” and “Visible in Renderer” with one mouse click for a group of objects (It can makes objects appear / vanish during animation) ($)




Find / rename / replace objects :

Find & Replace : Easily manage big projects: searches, replacements, deletions, groupings, renaming of objects and materials ($)

Cinapsis : allows to find and edit any element of the scene (objects, materials, tags, textures, shaders) and run commands or plugins dynamically on a specific set of items ($)

Hide & Seek : helps in complex scenes managements, enhances, simplifies interaction with Object Manager ($)

: simple script that finds/replaces object names using regex library (free)

: script that renames all selected parents to using the name of their first child, or all their children to using the parent name (free)

: rename a series of objects using a variety of options (free)

Rename LR
: Selected objects are renamed by switching their prefix (free)

: replaces objects or textures on a filtered selection of objects ($)

Copy object to other objects
: script copies one object as a new first child or parent of other selected objects (free)

: Simultaneously clones selected objects and their materials (like copy/pase + duplication of object's materials) (free)



Regex Renamer : command plugin, that allows for utilizing Python's powerful "re" module to perform regular expression based searching and replacing within object names (free)


Mute Layers : script turns on/off every property of selected layer(s) (free)

CV-Layer Comps
: A set of tools helping to manage layers and working with them (set active layer, global layers setting, reset layers, select layers of active objects ...) ($)

: improves workflow with layers assisting with objects assignment to layers, layers sorting etc... ($)

xsLayerColor : associates to each object, a material depending on its layer ($)


Add to Layer : Adds a single selected grouped objects (parent + its children) into a new layer of defined name (does not work when several grouped objects are selected) (free)

Auto Layer : automatically assign objects and materials to layers (obsolete - it works only in R11) (free)

TIP : CV Object Manager Tools offers a command Add Each to New Layer that adds each top-level selected object to a new layer along with its children



Power Reducer : makes CAD imported files more manageable in C4D : triangles to n-gons, merge objects, align normals, assign textures etc... ($)

:Content library menus made obsolete by C4D Content Browser. However it can still be useful to keep a short list of most used objects/materials quickly accesible from OLX menu. (free)

Ouvrir les images d'un dossier : py scrip that opens all pictures form a folder inside C4D Picture Viewer (free)

Selection Filter ON-OFF
: set Selection Filter options from a tab (made obsolete by C4D Selector window) ($)

Display Filter
: set Display Filter options from a tab (made obsolete by C4D own viewport / filter options) ($)
UserData : scripts allowing to create multiple user data containers on multiple objects (free)
Pickwalk : Pickwalker plugin and Pickwalk scripts help to create a walk map for traversing the scene (select specific scene items). Helpful for selection of specific parts of complex rigs (e.g. controllers). It works also with components - can be helpful during modeling ($)

CD Select Parent : Command that selectes an active object's parent (free)



Objects info : area, volume, distance, polycount :

Aire et volume : displays area and volume of selected objects (free)

MeshInfo : displays surface area and volume of selected objects (free)

Quick measure
: script creates C4D Measure Object between two selected points. This allows to add multiple measurements very quickly (free)

Measure It : measures the distance between two objects and creates a Sweep/Extrude objects for measurements that can be rendered with the scene. Measurement objects are highly customisable ($)

nfo : displays in viewport information about selected object's polygon count, points, edges etc... (made obsolete by C4D own HUD display) ($)

Infoverload : displays information about components count for parametric objects (made obsolete by C4D own HUD display) ($)

Budget : displays the correct polygon (or triangle) count for any object, primitive, or generator (does not work for >R12) (free)


Viewport / Scene preview :

Solo object of interest (display only selected object(s))


Magic Solo
: solos selected objects with children (ctrl soloes without children), affects also Object Manager and Material Manager (displays only soloed object's materials) (free)

: simple solo script that soloes only selected object (without children), or when ctrl key is used, with children (free)

HB ModellingBundle
also has its Solo command which switches to modling camera, and it can also solo selected components ($)

: the most complex solo plugin : use separate camera for solo, focus on soloed object/components, PSR 0 soloed objects. Can store solo states for selected objects, convert solo states to layers etc...($)

: Hide all objects besides the one you are working on + some additional features (ignore solo tag, PSR 0 soloed object) ($)
Affect Object Manager
Affect Material Manager
No (all materials vanish)
Affect rendering
Solo hierarchy (selected objects + children)
+ Ctrl
Solo only the selected object
+ Shift or + Ctrl
+ Shift
+ Shift
Unsolo selected child
+ Shift
Solo again deeper
+ Alt
Focus on soloed item
+ Ctrl (Workplane is conformed to focused item)
Keep camera position unchanged
PSR > 0 soloed object
+ Ctrl + Alt
Solo components
+ Shift in component mode
Prevent some objects from vanising (e.g. lights)
No (but scene lighting is maintained)
Yes (with AnSolo Ignore tag)
Speed (solo ON/OFF on a very complex scene)          



* Solo selection (shows only one selected child from soloed hierarchy) Nitro Solo Editor (Shift+Alt)


Opinion Probably the best combination of functionality and simplicity. In rare situations soloing of materials is annoying (but in most cases it is an advantage). It is difficult to render soloed object, because lights/sky are also removed by Magic Solo (if you need to render soloed object, you have to solo it with all lights) Very similar to Magic Solo, except it does not solo properly materials in Material Manager - all materials are hidden. Greatest advantage is components solo. Automated focusing on soloed items is nice addition, however sometime it can be annoying. Since it does not solo hierarchy in Object Manager, neither materials in Material Manager, HB Solo can be a great complementary solo to Magic Solo. Definetly the most complete solo plugin, but also the most complex. While Nitro Solo Editor provides a multitude of options for solo and layers, it seems somehow too intricate for a new user. %


TIP : Solo is a good tool when you need quickly focus on one object, but when you need to turn ON/OFF large sets of numerous objects in the scene, then it is better to group then in layers and use Mute Layers that can turn ON/OFF all properties of selected layers.

Viewport optimisation

Viewport Switch : allows to switch Viewport display to a simplified mode using different fully customisable display settings (Viewport filters, Display mode, anti-aliasing, turn off object groups (generators) etc...($)

CV-CleanMode : allows to switch Vieport display to a simplified mode using different (limited) settings of Viewport filter (e.g. without gridline, lights, subdivision and other display elements) ($)

Speed Display : Speedup viewport by dynamically changing objects display mode (e.g. in viewport center objects can be displayd in full quality Gouraud Shaded, then further from center as wireframes, then as boxes) ($)

Speed Display Screen : Tag applied to an object dynamically changes this objects level of detail based on the distance to the center of the screen (works best for primitives and spline nurb objects) ($)

PolyDisplay Redux
: hide some polygons on meshes to speed up display ($)



Instant rendering

Magic Preview : small instant render preview window automatically refreshing with quickly accesible quality options (free)

Pixelberg : brings realtime PBR to the C4D viewport and hardware render ($)

Dynamic IRR: Tag that dynamically adjusts the Interactive Render Region size and position to an object, a set of objects, the whole window or just the render size (free)

RenderFrame : script renders only the current framer to picture viewer. So you don't have to change rendering settings of an animation (free)

Quick Render : plugin intended to speed up test renders of a complex scenes by temporarily turning OFF slow features (obsolete - does not work above R14) (free)




PicHUD : tag plugin that displays an animated movie frame at viewport background. Useful as timing reference for modeling and/or animation. ($)

SafeFrame : renders in Viewport masking parts that will remain invisible in the final render. Mask transparency can be adjusted ($)

xsGrid : displays a parameterizable grid in 3D viewport (free)






: let you know how much time you spent working on C4D document (free)

Random Color : Assign random display color to objects, converts display color to materials, disable display color (works only on siblings. It fails on hierarchies). (free)
TIP : CV-Object Manager Tools provides a similar command that works on hierarchies.

Random Vertex Color : Script that uses C4D Vertex Color Tag and assign random color to connected vertices of a single mesh (polygon islands) (free)

AR-media : allows to experience augmented reality with C4D - e.g. visualise3D models on the desk (free)

CV-Tokens : provides additional tokens that can be used in render filenames and folders (Date, author, computer, render engine, render height ...) ($)

Camera Match : allows to build a model based on a photograph or match your model view to a photograph (Obsolete - same can be done with C4D Camera Calibrator Tag) ($)

PhotoMatch : helps to integrate 3D objects with background images and to model 3D objects from a photo (Obsolete - same can be done with C4D Camera Calibrator Tag) ($)


SINTRIX - XPresso setup for LIDAR data acquisition. It uses a multi-streaming file processor to read millions of points and store them in a SINTRIX object that can be manipulated as easily as standard geometry (video) ($)


LAZPoint : LIDAR point cloud rendering, creates point clouds from C4D scenes. Loads LIDAR data formats LAS,LAZ, XYZ, PTS($)

Lon-Lat Connection Kit : geo-location creation toolkit helps to create accurate locations and connections on the globe ($)



PointToObject : transforms a set of points (or a set of objects) to nulls, spheres, cubes, joints or spline. Useful for animation : allow to animate reference objects instead of point morphs. (free)

Nulls2PtCloud : Converts the Null objects in a scene into a point cloud (points in a Polygon object) (free)

Height4D : create heightmaps inside C4D from any object with adjustable contrast/brightness ($)

Cake : Perspective Rendering on a unwraped UV Texture (video1, 2) ($)

Atlasing Tool : for creation of atlases (one large image file containing textures for multiple objects) ($)

Grid : creates layout of tiles, and choose what content to show in each tile (no support for >R19) ($)

Markerlist : extend Cinema 4D`s Marker with a good overview listing – Import and Export xml files. (Free)

SWCNT : Generates Single-Walled Carbon NanoTubes objects (free)

ElectricFX : parametric electric discharge filaments ($)

SparksFX : generate sparks also on collisions ($)

Zarabic : allows you to write in Arabic directly in Cinema 4D (free)

Diagram Generator : generates 3D diagram with animated coins in the bars


SoundFX : tag plugin allows to add sounds into C4D. Sound can be played at defined points in animation, in loops or on collisions (free)

: controls objects position, scale, rotation and materials with midi sound ($)


XPRESSO / Plugins :

XPresso Alignment Tool : aligns XPresso nodes horizontally or vertically preventing overlaps (free)


XpressoMaker : set of scripts that take some of the pain out of creating complex rigs with Xpresso ($)

Oscillator : provides an XPresso node that outputs variable waveforms (free) xperTIME : Xpresso set up for incremental looping of any parameter connected to its output (free) ResEdit : helps plugin developers to create dialogs for plugins (free) Plugin Wizzard : template system with a wizard GUI helping in plugin development process (free)

Plugin Boss : Allows to switch off some of installed plugins. Unfortunately plugins are not sorted by their names, so when the list is long, it may be hard to find the plugin (free)

CV-Toolbox : manager for installing plugins from Cineversity website (free)









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