Splines creation

Below you will find C4D plugins for generation of spline primitives or spline based objects.
Some are more like C4D spline primitives (eg. ArrowMaker, ArchSpline), some are more like C4D generators (Kurulumun, Umami).
Some need an input object (e.g. Vector Pro needs a picture., Spline Wrapper and object around which it can wrap around)

Vector Pro
Better vectorizer transforms bitmaps pictures or any shader into splines or flat, extruded surface ($)

Generate parametric spline in form of an arrow which can be customized (free)

Spline-primitive producing different types of arcs with parameters allowing to adjusted arch shapes (free)

3D Meier
Various math related plugins allowing to generate function defined surfaces, splines, cylinders intersections etc... (free)

Lorenz Attractor
procedural spline generator creating a spline in form of... Lorentz Attractor - obviously ($)

Generates curly parametric splines that twist randomly by 90°. It is also a generator - can create surface on its own. (free)


Generates parametric random splines (looking lie noodle like). It is also a generator - can create surface on its own. (free)

Primitive Sketch
draw and size spline primitives directly on objects surface. It can do the same for object primitives and offers scattering (video) (free)
DragSplines : creates and sizes spline primitives with mouse, also on objects surface ($)
TIP : PrimitiveSketch also allows to create and size spline primitives on objects and does it better than DragSplines.

spline for transmission drives, track, that don't create inverted loops (use Reverse on circle spline to invert a +loop) (download) (free)

Spline Wrapper : wraps spiral splines around objects ($)

ct-maze-trace : generates splines that wander along mesh edges creating a pattern similar to labyrinth corridors (free)

generate splines from edges, can offset spline in normal direction and use Edge Selection Tags (R17 OK, R18 crash) (free)

EdgeSweep : Generator which creates SweepNurbs out of Edge-Selection Tags. I put it here, among splines, because what it does is almost exactely the same as splineCAGE (R18 OK) (free)

Net Creator generates splines connecting components or objects.Vertex maps can be used to drive propagation of connections. (free)

Uber Tracer generates splines connecting components or objects. It extends the feature set of the MoGraph Tracer. Can create nice plexus effects (free/$)

pCONNECTOR : generates spline segments between Source objects (incl Clones, Particles, Splines) and PointSelection Tags. A lot of unique settings (free)

Spline Connector : generates splines to connect objects and mograph instances, but can't connect components (free)


RayConnector : connects only Thinking Particles with splines (maximum distance, maximum number of connections) etc... (free)

SuperTracer : spline generator, that can track state of input object over time. It supports following modes "Chain", "Net", "Web" ($)

PolyEdge Spline : Generates a live spline from continuous edge selection on a mesh (no separate edges, no forking) - the mesh is hidden (free)

: generator creating multiple pending lines between objects. (hair, spline, sweep) ($)

: generates setup for animating dynamic ropes (video) (free)


Splines modification


Spline-TimePro : set of 15 plugins for various spline related effects : morph splines, grow, mix, connect, branch, fractal... ($)

Grow-Spline: Splines grow and shrink in any direction. Connect-Spline: Connect splines, independent from their spacing, number of points or direction, branching. Spline2Helix: Create a Helix around any Spline Motion2Spline: Tracing Splines from any animated object (incl. SubObjects or TP Particle Geometries, Dynamics) Poly-Spline: Create Wire-Splines as Single Splines or Multi-Splines and Polygon-Objects
Morph-Spline: Morph between two and more Splines or MultiSplines Branch-Spline: Easy creating Branches from user splines Spline-Connect: Connect a hierarchy of Splines to one Spline Clone-This: Copy and spread Objects, Splines, Clones, Instances, RenderInstances along a spline and variates them userdefined. Straight-Spline: bend this spline with exact In- and Out-Radius / In - and Out-Angle
Mix-Spline: Mix splines and creates new user defined splines. Fractal-Splines: Generator for the most popular Fractal Splines - Hilbert, Gosper, Peano, Dragon, Koch, Levy-C ..... Elastic-Spline: Create Connection-Splines between (animated or not animated) Objects. Multi-Tween: Tween and Morph Objects, Lights and Light-Fx Glue-Object: Glue Objects to any Selections


CV-Splines (To Objects) : A set of commands and generators for splines : Single click commands for spline Extrude, Lathe, Loft, & Sweep. 2 Genertors for interactive outline/offsets spline and chamfer, Helpful for non-destrucive spline modeling. 2 Generators for creation of hanging wires and connections between cloned objects.

CV-Catenary generator
makes splines hanging down. Great for hanging wires, ropes, and cables.

generates splines between objects in a hierarchy (siblings, children, cousins), or between MoGraph Clones and manually specified connection points

generator creates a chamfered version of the spline

generator creates an outline or offset of the original spline

CV-Render Splines
makes the selected splines renderable as hair (automatically ads hair tags to multiple objects, render effect, special tags. Works with deformed splines)

CV-Sweep Splines
command adds a C4D Sweep generator for selected splins. It adds a n-side spline for section (for easy control of segments). Use the Scale to adjust the pipe radius by eye.

CV-Extrude Splines
command adds in one click a C4D Extrude generator to multiple splines. Generators are conformed to splines axis.

CV-Lathe Splines
Creates C4D Lathe generators for selected splines, and position them for each spline (using various criteria eg. spline bounding box, lathe axis X, Y, Z)

CV-Convert to Loft
: select splines in space, and puts them into C4D Loft generator.


SplineNoiseDeformer : Deforms splines in perpendicular direction based on noises. TIP: use >500 Intermediate Points/Uniform mode on spline to see good effect (free)

Reeper : generator creates woven ropes surface along input spline (free)

PipeObject : generator creates pipes from just a single path spline, no need to use another spline for section. (free)

xsLatheToLoft : generates a Loft object from Lathe object (free)

Xtrudy : is an alternative Extrude generator creating caps with evenly distributed polygons, which allows correct deformations at outlines and control over extrusion shape (R17 OK, R18 does not work) (video) ($)

Stipple Modifier : converts any spline into dots and dashes, regular or random, several modifiers can be stacked to increase complexity (free)

Slice it Up : cuts closed splines into any number of vertically aligned slices ($)

xsSplinePointSelector : alternate selection of spline points (n points on m points) (free)

Magic Mirror Spline : is generator for splines that mirrors and optionally connects mirrored halves, which is better than with C4D Symmetry which can't connect splines (free)

Connect Segments : generator connects consecutive spline segments of the fragmented spline used as its input (free)

Fast Spline Connector : joins nearby spline ends using distance criteria ($)

Spline Simplifier : reduce number of points on spline while keeping its shape ($)
TIP : You can quickly simplify a spline using Loft object

Convert_bezier_splines_to_linear : script command that converts bezier/cubic/akima splines to linear splines by adding interpolated points along curved edges (free)


SplinePolator : interpolator for multiple splines that blends shapes or creates transitions. SplinePolator can align an arbitrary number of points along a spline (R18 OK) (free)

splineGLIDE : morph between splines (including SplineMasks, Tracers, MoSplines, Connector Objects and sG itself) (R17 OK, R18 crash) (free)

Spline Projection : projects on the mesh an interpolation of two splines placed on oposite sides of the mesh. (Interpolation does not work properly) ($)

SplineConnector : Generator merging child splines into a single spline. Simmilar to C4D Connect generator, but offers more flexibility with splines, as it can replace various types of splines by one common type (free)

OneSpline : similar to SplineConnector (Faulty in R18 - only one spline type changes when swithing between global types. In previous versions OK) (free)

MultipleSplineMask : generator creating a boolean of splines using slightly different approach to C4D Spline Mask - splines remain grouped outside MultipleSplineMask object and various boolean operations can be assigned to each splines via a Tag (free)

SplineGen : generator creating a boolean of splines - allows to merge, subtract, and intersect Splines from one another.
It includes a Double Rectangle Spline primitive (free)


Patch Modeling

Coons Mesh
: generator that creates coons patches from 4 splines (free)

: patch modeling to create smooth, curved surfaces from intersecting splines which is especially suited for cars, clothing... (review) ($)

: provides patch modeling in C4D with spline surfaces ($)

NitroModel : makes 3D object from hand drawn outlines (similar, but not exactely patch modeling) workflow focused on creation of characters ($)

: spline patcher to generate surfaces based on 4 splines (XPresso rig) (free)

Cross Nurbs : create polygonal plane by crossing two linear splines ($)




Discussion about efficiency of Patch modeling tools for C4D


Scripts :

With first two I couldn't get any useful refults - those are py scripts, so maybe they can help you if you are learnig py programming in C4D :
reduce_splines : intelligently reduces the number of points in a closed or open spline (free)
expand_splines : takes an open spline (a line) and turns it into a closed spline (polygon) of desired thickness along the original line (free)
output_spline_points : outputs spline points and name (can help to export to code lines) (free)




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