List of C4D plugins grouped by developer/website. On top of the list you will find the developers who provide the best free plugins,
while those providing only commercial plugs are listed at the bottom of the list.
Free plugins are marked with "(free)" while commercial ones with "($)"


Michael Welter

UVtoObject : Generates polygon objects from uv maps. Use polygon modeling tools on UVs! (free)
CopyPastePolys : Provides Copy/Paste capability for polygons (free)
Smooth : Powerful mesh smoothing plugin. Comes as deformer and dialog based (free)
Point Collapse Tool : Tool plugin to merge two mesh point together (free)
Transform : allows non uniform resize and shear of objects and rotation along selected edge of bounding box (free)
Duplicate Object : simple generator allowing to clone objects along a line or an arc (free)
Noise Deformer : Deforms objects based on noise functions (free)
SplineConnector : Generator merging child splines into a single spline (free)
SplineNoiseDeformer : Deforms splines in perpendicular direction based on noises (free)
UV Deformer : Place objects on surfaces via uv maps (free)
Atmosphere Shader : Physical atmosphere material for orbital views (free)
Cellular Shader : Renders cellular noise functions (free)
Extended Starfield : Very customizable 2d starfield shader (free)
ThingsOnSurface : Shader Renders randomly distributed brush stamps (free)
Time Shift : Changes the time value for the evaluation of shaders (free)
Simple Colormap : Post effect color mapping plugin (free)



Easy Parent : control over parent dynamic to help with animation (free)
Magic 3D : helps to create 3D movies (free)
Magic AnimCurve : helps to change animation curves (free)
Magic Bevel : beveling tool for modeling (free)
Magic Blue Print : help to create blueprint background setup for modeling (free)
Magic Book : helps to create a book from scanned images and animate its pages (free)
Magic Car : helps with cars animation by steering them with keyboard, like in games (free)
Magic Center : centers object's axis to object center (free)
Magic Cubes : voxelizer - transforms an object into a "lego" object made of cubes (free)
Magic Domino : helps with domino cubes animations (free)
Magic Draw : assign various materials to mesh polygons by painting them (free)
Magic Eye : helps to create eyes (free)
Magic Feather : creates feathers from splines (free)
Magic Gravity : uses dynamics to drop objects on floor (free)
Magic Laser : helps to create laser beam cutting objects (painting beam path on surface) (free)
Magic Load Texture : helps to load many texture files into various channels in materials (free)
Magic Merge : helps in modeling by performing direct boolean union or subtraction on selected objects (free)
Magic Mesh 2 : records modeling steps and allows to animate it, or save it to show how to model something (free)
Magic Mesh 3 : same as Magic Mesh 2 + support for polygon removal (free)
Magic Mirror Spline : mirrors splines (free)
Magic Paint : paints 3D mesh geometry in space (somehow like creating 3D shapes from toothpaste) (free)
Magic Pivot : helps with animation of pivot (e.g. for rolling cube animation) (free)
Magic Pixel : voxelizer - helps to create voxel effect driven by bitmap (free)
Magic Preview : small instant render preview window automatically refreshing (free)
Magic Projector : deforms objects projecting them onto other objects surface (free)
Magic Puzzle : helps to create parametric puzzle objects from images (free)
Magic Replace : replaces objects with other objects keeping animation and object list unchanged (free)
Magic Roll : helps with animation of rolling cubes and other objects (free)
Magic Select : lot of parameters allow to select components more or less randomely and using regular patterns
Magic Slow Motion : helps to create slow down sequences in animations (free)
Magic Snake Ladder : a game inside C4D - just for fun (free)
Magic Snow : covers objects with thick snow cover (free)
Magic Snowman : creator of snowmen (free)
Magic Solo : solos selected objects, also in Object Manager and Material Manager (displays only object's materials) (free)
Magic Sweep : generator that multiplies objects along a spline and adjust their shape so they fill the volume around the spline (free)
Magic Switch : allows to quickly switch OFF/ON parametric objects and tags (free)
Magic Symmetry : helps modeling symmetric objects (free)
Magic Texture Map : allows to switch textures used by a material at different frames of animation (free)
Magic Wedge Tool : modeling tool extruding polygons along an arc (around a selected edge) (free)
Magic Wireframe : applies wireframe shader to objects (flat 2D wireframe) (free)
Magic Xtree : creator of Christmas trees (free)
Magic FallOffMod : falloff for C4D deformers that don't support falloff (free)
Magic MissFrame : allows to easily find missed frame and render only this frame for whole animation (free)
MMD Tool : imports MMD (Miku Miku Dance) characters into C4D (free)
SoundFX : allows to add sounds into C4D (free)
Thrausi : mesh fracturing with spline control for cuts (free)
AniMidi : controls objects position, scale, rotation and materials with midi sound ($)
Catastrophe : automatically fractures and breaks meshes according to dynamics + pyrocluster dust ($)
EasyCloth : helps with cloth simulation ($)
ElectricFX : parametric electric discharge filaments ($)
NitroBake2 : bakes scene into keyframes for export into another software, including particles, hair etc... ($)
NitroBlast 2 : automatic collision driven fracturing staring at impact point. The best fracturing from NitroMan ($)
NitroBookCase : place book object in shelves and randomizes them + flip page animation ($)
NitroFallOff : modeling tool allowing to influence components transformations by a linear falloff ($)
NitroFit : Fits objects into other objects, merge splines, boolean operations on multiple objects, procedural modeling ($)
NitroModel : makes 3D object from hand drawn outlines (patch modeling) ($)
NitroMoFracture : fracturing limited to painted regions + dust effects ($)
NitroMotion : procedurally creates new animations or influences those made in C4D ($)
NitroPose : character animation helper - create store and animate poses in Pose Library ($)
NitroRoom : helps to model apartments and populate them with objects ($)
NitroSolo : solos selected objects (modeling workflow helper) ($)
NitroVertex : set of tools for creation of dynamic vertex maps ($)
SparksFX : generate sparks also on collisions ($)
Thrausi : fracturing in a voronoi pattern, using splines to control the cuts ($)


Biomekk / cmStuff

EdgeShade : a set of two shaders, SoftEdge and DrawEdge, used for drawing wireframes or softening hard edges (free)
zBlur 2
: a post effect which can be used as an alternative to C4D's own DOF (free)
Select Loop : selects loops of polygons by selecting two neighboring polygons + optional alternate selections (free)
Lumen 2 : general purpose cloning and advanced lighting tool (free)
Budget : displays the correct polygon (or triangle) count for any object, primitive, or generator (free)
Watermark : a post effect that draws an image over your render (free)
OLX : extends Object Library functionality (free)
H2N : shader that converts any shader or image into a tangent space normal map for use in the Normal channel of a standard material (free)
LSD : a post effect which creates stunning color/special effects for pictures or animations (free)
Auto Layer : automatically assign objects and materials to layers (free)
RenderOB : Allows to select object for object buffer for multipass rendering (free)
cmNodes : node based system for C4D materials (free)
Enhance:C4D : a set of 178 procedural 3D and 2D shaders ($)


Code Vonc

Déformateur Utilitaires : deformer apply some commands to the mesh : Optimize, align/reverse normals, close object's holes, triangulate/untriangulate (free)
Matiere UV : shader allowing to use different UV in a same material (free)
Perceuse : creates holes in meshes with single click (free)
Sélections Supplétives : set of 12 useful selection tools for components (free)
Aire et volume : displays area and volume of selected objects (free)
Déformateur Point : deforms the mesh from a direction, scale or given rotation (free)
ProjUV : Projects the UV layout of an object to another (free)
Matiere Dégradé 3D : 3D gradient shader, UVW or XYZ (free)
Subdivision inverse : Computes an approximation of the original subdivision object according to Catmull-Clark method (free)
Matiere Python : Parametric shader with Python code (free)
Ouvrir les images d'un dossier : py scrip that opens all pictures form a folder inside C4D (free)
Instances Octane : py script that generates the list of instances for Octane (free)
Lissage Catmull-Clark : py script smoothens an objects using Catmull-Clark method but without subdividing it (free)
Import Racer DOF : py script allowing to import object files .dof from Racer game (free)
Pipette a matériaux : py script allows to select the material of curently selected object (free)
Nettoie-Mat : py script cleans not used polygon selections and material tags from actif object (free)
Récupérer le cache d'un objet : py script creates object copy from its displayed state in Viewport (useful for very complex booleans, which otherwise would take time to recompute, or deformed objects) (free)
Définir le chemin des textures : py script modifies paths for all selected materials (select materials, launch the script, input new path) (free)
Convertir les modifications UVW : py script converts in texture tag offset UV and length UV values to 0% and 100%, while keeping texture position (free)
Objet UVW : py script creates from UV polygons a polygon mesh and back (free)
Tools (free)
Alvéole : creates a cells effect on objects based on Voronoi and Catmull-Clark diagram ($)
Gélatine : deformer gives an elastic effect to animated objects (free)
Proc3Durale 2 : build an object according to a 3d shader ($)
Proc3Durale : older, free version (free)
Dépliage : unfolder deformer create an unfolding effect on each polygon ($)
Spline Guide : dynamically align hairs along a spline ($)
TexTerrain : transforms a surface by applying materials with polygons transition between them (free)
UV Vonc : complementary UV editor to BodyPaint UV Edit, with more flexible tools for unwrapping ($)
Influence Point : modifies Vertex Map tag according to points movement or their disposition ($)
Import SVG : import filter for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) ($)



SteadyCAMPRO : multi target / placement camera animation tool suite (free)
SteadyBAKE : PLA and file baking/playback and time remapping (free)
tagTREATER : select a tag and affect all other tags of same type, create multiple texture tags with new materials for selected objects (free)
xperTIME : Xpresso set up for incremental looping of any parameter connected to its output (free)
keyMATE : Keyframe selected objects incl. PSR, KeyFrameselection,Userdata, direct or copy. Ideal for keyframing objects driven by expressions (free)
pCONNECTOR : and pBUILDER generate spline segments between Source objects (incl Clones, Particles, Splines) and PointSelection Tags (free)
plaMATE : Bake object hierarchy to a single PLA object for greater playback speed or for export (free)
splineGLIDE : morph between splines (including SplineMasks, Tracers, MoSplines, Connector Objects and sG itself) (free)
texiDRIVER : is a Tag allowing to move and scale material in a controlled way (free)
texiX : extended version of the C4D “Fit To Object” Command (free)
xreTIME : Tag to be used on an object to re-time its animation instead of using TimeTrack (free)
texMATE : Extract and collect all used textures into a selected folder (free)
pathMATE : general texture management tool, re-link material textures (free)
splineCAGE : generate splines from edges, can offset spline in normal direction and use Edge Selection Tags (free)



ToolMemory : stores the active tool, mode, axis lock with the active object and restores next time the object gets selected (free)
CallOnActivation : tag allows to attach any C4D command to the activation of an object. e.g. rotate tool, to be active together with an object (free)
MirrorPointPosition : tag for a symmetrical object that stores which point belongs to which point on the other side (free)
CCCP : Copy-Paste Point Position (free)
Global ON/OFF : selects / switch ON/OFF all objects of a selected type or Tags (free)
Selection Transfer : copies point and polygon selections between objects (for morph targets) (free)
Direct Morph : fine-tune of morph-targets (free)
Split2Objects : splits an object based on polygon selections (free)
HN&CN Switch : a script that switches ON/OFF all Subdivision / Cloth objects (free)
CTO PLA Maker : Bakes animated HyperNURBS or Connect Objects to a single PLA animated polygon object (free)
Old Plugins : outdated or replaced with C4D features (free)



Plugin Boss : manages installed plugins, allows to turn off selected plugins (free)
ArrowMaker : generate parametric spline in form of an arrow which can be customized (free)
AutoRename : rename a series of objects using a variety of options (free)
Commentator : a tag that can be attached to any object and store a note, date, name (to make job assignments) (free)
DarkTree : channel shader and volume shader allowing to use shaders from DarkSim (free)
Mirror Mirror : for mirroring whole hierarchies (free)
Nudge-It : move, rotate, or scale an object by a small incremental amount (free)
Quick Render : workflow plugin intended to speed up test renders of a complex scenes by temporarily turning OFF slow features (free)
smart IBL loader : allows to load smart IBL lighting 'sets' and apply them to C4D scene (free)


Maxon Labs

Lattice Plane : Deformer allowing to arbitrarily reshape an object by influencing the generator’s control points located on a 2D cage
Py-Parametric tools : simple parametric modeling with generators and modifiers (free)
Coons Mesh : patch modeling (free)
Team Render HTTPS : Support for Team Render Webserver (free)
Team Render Notifier : notifies you when a team render job is done (through mobile, email, twitter, etc...) (free)
Extrudifier : generates random nested extrusions, creating a “greebled” look on a mesh (free)



pyDome : Smart IBL loader for efficient image based lighting (free)
ct-maze-trace : creating interesting splines that wrap around object (free)
: shader creating a square softbox gradient (e.g. for area lights, darkening corners etc...) (free)
ct-ocean-waves : creates large ocean waves (free)
ct-dla-effector : fake diffusion limited aggregation effector (free)
ct-lightning-generator : generator for creating lightning (free)
ct-curl-noise : effector for creating curl noise movement (free)
wPoseCloner : handly copy/paste interface for standards Character rig. Controller detection is based on controllers defaults names (free)
wTurboCheck : provides additional validation for TurboSquid models submission (free)
ChamferMaker-R12 : opensource version of AMa_ChamferMaker generator creating beveled edges on objects (free)
Solid Chamfer : (Filip Malmberg version) - a chamfer generator and a chamfering command (free)
Delta Mush : smooths deformations at character's joints
Restore CAD Feature Tree : command that tries restoring "feature tree" relationships found in CAD files (free)
Color To Material : converts an object's layer or object color to a newly assigned material with that color to make it renderable (free)
Regex Renamer : command plugin, that allows for utilizing Python's powerful "re" module to perform regular expression based searching and replacing within object names (free)

GitHub - Frank Willeke

FlockModifier : modifier object for C4D standard particle system allowing to create flocking/swarming simulation (free)
PointProjector : deformer that non-destructively projects the points of a spline or polygon object on geometry (free)
TrainDriver : allows to chain up train cars and drive them on tracks (free)
GearBuilder : helps to build gears, by constraining rotation and position of objects (free)
SceneDocumentor : add comments to objects and generates exposé of C4D scene in HTML (free)
CanStack : clones input object to pyramid-syle settings, like food cans (free)
SwitchObject : allows switching visibility of object groups for easily configurable setups (e.g. like exchanging tires on a car) (free)
Sidewalk : generates parametric euro-style sidewalks (free)
PipeObject : creates pipes from just a single path spline (free)
Parse-MTL-C4D : parse .MTL files that contain material descriptions for scenes imported form .OBJ files (free)
Oscillator : provides an XPresso node that outputs variable waveforms (free)


Lasse Clausen (scripts)

Import Adobe Color CC Swatches : allows to import into C4D Adobe Color cc Swatches and Reference Cubes

PickFocusDistance : workflow script adds a keyboard shortcut functionality to the focus-picker of C4D camera

Toggle Deformer, Effectors & Forces : switch ON/OFF visibility in Viewport of C4D Deformers, Effectors, Forces

Instance Renamer : renames Instances accordingly to their Reference-Object

C4D_Renamer-Pack : allows easy renaming of materials, objects, tags

Add Null to Selection : creates a Null Object at current selection of components.

Group Objects / PSR-Zero : Groups Objects will keeping the PSR at 0;1;0, and keep group at the same layer.

Transfer all Objects to last selected : moves all selected Objects to the last selected. Handy, if you have complex hierachies and want to move objects within them.

A_Simple-Spline : creates straigh, one segment spline.

Delete All Tracks : Removes all keyframes from selected objects.

Toggle Visibility of selected Objects : script allows to quickly change the Visibility-Settings for all selected objects

AEC4D : 1 click exporter from C4D to After Effects ($)




Spline Resampler : Resample a spline like that point are evently spaced

Refractive Index : mport (k and n) to curve or gradient

C4D Light Lister : List all c4d lights in the scene and allow you to tweak them

Redshift Light Lister : List all Redshift lights in the scene and allow you to tweak them

Corona Light Lister : List all Corona lights in the scene and allow you to tweak them

Easy ID : Add in one click, all the object ID from the scene to the render data (Aviable for c4d, Vray, Arnold, Octane, Iray)

Easy Rope : Create tons of dynamic ropes in second

Pivot Master : Aligns pivot point of selected objects

Axis Constraint : snap with axis limitation GH (free)




xsThickness : modeling command adding thickness to a mesh (free)
xsTextureSwitch : turns ON/OFF all textures in a scene (e.g. to render the scene without materials) (free)
xsTargetCamera : creates a target camera at current camera position (free)
xsTextureTags : removes all empty texture tags (from non existent materials) (free)
xsSplinePointSelector : alternate selection of spline points (n points on m points) (free)
xsLatheToLoft : generates a Loft object from Lathe object (free)
xsHNSwitch : turns ON/OFF all subdivision objects in the scene (free)
xsGrid : displays a parameterizable grid in viewport (free)
xsClone : modeling tool that duplicates selected polygons and keep them within the mesh (it also duplicates edges, points and whole objects) (free)
xsAlign : arrangement tool that aligns objects with simple rule that first and last object are alignment objects (free)
xsTab : displays all open documents (C4D scenes) as tabs, allowing easily to access any scene or close it ($)
xsPolyInstance : creates a realtime polygonal instance of the selected object ($)
xsSplitSelectionTags : creates distinct objects from Polygon Selection tags ($)
xsCameraSizeAdjust : zooms in the viewport or change the size of the active camera with keeping the same perspective ($)
xsTexturePath : changes all texture paths by replacing words, deleting path or setting the full path ($)
xsReplace : replaces objects or textures on a filtered selection of objects ($)
xsDeformation : fits selected deformer to deformed object PSR (Position / Scale / Rotation) ($)
xsYLock : locks or transfers objects on the floor ($)
xsPostRender : informs you about end of rendering by sending an e-mail (with rendered picture) or playing a sound (from URL) ($)
xsLayerColor : associates to each object, a material depending on its layer ($)


Niklas Rosenstein's DLC GitHub

ToolPresets : allows to save and reuse parameters settings for C4D tools - very useful especially for bevel (free)
QuickDocs : displays a list of opened C4D documents, allowing to quickly switch between them (free)
aaOcean Suite : shader and deformer allowing to create Amaan Akram’s ocean surface (free)
XPresso Alignment Tool : aligns XPresso nodes horizontally or vertically preventing overlaps (free)
PV Render Queue : queue render jobs and render them directly in the Picture Viewer (Batch Render) (free)
ResEdit : helps plugin developers to create dialogs for plugins (free)
AutoConnect : connects many objects with MoGraph dynamics connectors (free)
Container Object : collapse (hides) objects hierarchy, tags, materials into a password protected container (free)
2048 : game in C4D for fun (free)
Timehide : helps animators by reducing the number of elements displayed in Timeline to necessary minimum ($)
SafeFrame : workflow helper for Viewport renderings masking parts that will remain invisible in the final render ($)


plstq = PLASTIQ (Johanes Ziebandt)

SplinePolator : interpolator for multiple splines that blends shapes or creates transitions. SplinePolator can align an arbitrary number of points along a spline (free)
RotateAxis : command function that adapts the axis orientation of polygon objects automatically, based on object's mesh structure (free)
ReShapeUV : gradually adapts the size and edge lengths of UV polygons, to match the length relations to the corresponding polygon mesh (free)
Surfacer : spline patcher to generate surfaces based on 4 splines (free)



Egg-object : generates a procedural egg primitive object (free)
Alisha : is a link shader that reference to another shader, it allows to have one shader driving several channel and/or materials (free)
Roll-it : makes objects roll (free)
Al'em : aligns objects (free)


Scott Ayers

ObjectsOnSurface R13 : A tool plugin that adds copies of an object to the surface of another object (free)
PyPose Library_R13 : A special Dialog & Tag plugin combo that can save images and poses. A unique new way of using Dialog & Tag plugins (free)
Dozens of other teaching examples of plugins



JS Rubik Cube - setup (Python Tag) for rubic cube that can be easily animated (free)
JS Shffle Text - setup (XPresso Tag) allowing to shuffle characters in text spline object and MoText object (free)
JS Fix Manager - setup allowng to connect fractured elements and create more realistic breaking of objects (free)
Step Motion - preset allowing to animate cascading unfolding motion for whole objects (eg. domino like) and objects polygons (tutorial) (free)
JS Weight Tracer Python Effector - Python Effector similar to Delay Effector. It allows to traces vertex map weights (eg. along particles paths) (free)

Merge Weight Tags - Python Script that merges several weight tags.


908 Labs

GreyCloud : generates particles based on grayscale information from an image sequence (free)
Circle Brush : generates non intersection circular splines (free)
Generator : uses iteration to create geometric objects (free)
PointPositionPass : adds a PointPosition pass to the post effects, (eg. for re-lit in composting aps) ($)


FieldCreators Studios

Select N'GO : exports selected object/s from your project scene to custom directory. (free)

F.C.S. Toolbox : Set of various tools (WIP) $

Kuroyume's (Robert Templeton) †

(defunct - copy from

IvyGrower : creates an ivy plant creeping to objects (free)
MeshInfo : displays surface area and volume of selected objects (free)
OneSpline : child the splines to the OneSpline object and use it as if it was a single spline (free)
Split Selection : Splits selections that get doubled in selection tags of an object under a Symmetry object when it is made editable (free)
DropIt! : Drop to Floor and Drop to Target with offset and subdivision. Improved Drop To Target algorithm (free)
Drop To Floor : drops an object to the floor (making its minimum Y point equal 0) (free)
SWCNT : Generates Single-Walled Carbon NanoTubes (free)
OMCopy : Copies selected Object Manager objects and their materials simultaneously (free)
Nulls2PtCloud : Converts the Null objects in a scene into a point cloud (points in a Polygon object (free)
OM2File2 : Outputs a text file representation of the Object Manager hierarchy (free)
AMa 1D Snap : 1 dimensional snapping (does not work >R17) (download) (free)
AlignToVector : (ATV, Flange Maker) aligns points to a line (1click on a point - defines line start, 2 click on a point - defines line end, following clicks on points move those points to the line) Includes FlangeMaker that subdivides a polygon making a circle (download) (free)
AdvancedAtomArray : (download) (free)
SolidChamfer : (R11, R12, R13 - newer version on GitHub) Chamfering generator and command : select the edges you want to chamfer and drag the mouse to get the desired chamfer radius (free)

Collision Deformer : soft body deformations at impact ($)
Interposer Pro : link between Poser & Cinema 4D ($)
Interposer Ltd : limited version of Interposer Pro (shop) ($)
Greebler : covers objects with scores-thousands small predefined, or user defined objects (shop) ($)
Unfurl : polygons unfolding effect for animations ($)
SymMorphy : helps with morph mirroring ($)
DropIt! Pro : drops objects on surface of target object ($)
SolidChamfer : select the edges you want to chamfer and drag the mouse to get the desired chamfer radius (free)


Lots of Pixels / AstroFish †

(defunct - copy from

fusionThing : procedural modeling and animation system that lets you build with meshes ($)
spinPoly : spin edges polygons, or spinning all polygons around a single vertex without disturbing UVW mappings ($)
geomCheck : detect lots of different types of problems with geometry ($)
powerAxis : modeling axis ($)


Cactus Dan †

(defunct - copy from (videos)

CD IKRP Solver : Helper expression tag for Cinema 4D's old IK tag (free)
CD Align To Camera : Expression tag to align objects to the camera (free)
CD HPB View : Tag that draws HPB vector guides in the viewport, helps in avoiding gimbal lock (free)
CD PS Tracks X : Commands that delete position and scale tracks of child joints (free)
CD Select Parent : Command that selectes an active object's parent (free)
CD Joints & Skin : joints, skinning, weight painting and other tools helping in the skinning process in C4D Prime ($)
CD IK Tools : set of command tools and expressions for character rigging and animation in C4D Prime ($)
CD Morph : a point selection Morph system that works with a Point or Polygon object. Morph shapes are stored in tags ($)
CD Constraints : set of constraint expressions tags for Position, Rotation, Scale, Aim, Distance, Mirror, Parent, Clamp, etc. ($)
CD Transfer Tools : set of tools helping in transferring objects around in the scene ($)
CD Symmetry Tools : set of tools helpful when you need to adjust the points of the character mesh after rigging and skinning ($)
CD Springy Keys : adds springyness to an object's existing animation ($)
CD FBX Import/Export : FBX import and export for characters rigged with CD Character Rigging plugins ($)


Coffee Stock (AnoanoW)

Sentaku : selects and solos objects according to their state in Object Manager (red/green dots, generator ON/OFF) or tags they use (free)
SelectSave : Save/Exports selected objects to individual files or grouped, simultaneously imports many objects to current scene (free)
GeneratorSW : collectively manages all generators present in the scene, allows to switches ON/OFF all generators of the same type or inverts their action (free)
AutoSVE : for live selection tool switches selection of visible only / all components depending on viewport display mode (Gouraud/wireframe) (free)
BufferList : lists objects in object buffer, helpful when defining rendering Multi-Pass with object buffers (free)
PolyCircle : transforms selected vertices and polygons into circular shapes (free)
PolySplit : moves selected polygons or spline section into a new, separate object (free)
StackGenerator : parametric modeling by creating a hierarchy of generators($)
BTTL : helps with texture baking ($)
TLmarkerTool : animation utility making use of timeline markers ($)
Select Key : helps to manipulate with animation keys, select, shift, copy them to other objects, erase tracks with no keys ($)
DragSplines : creates and sizes spline primitives with mouse, also on objects surface ($)
DragPrimitives : creates and sizes object primitives with mouse, also on objects surface ($)
ContainerTAG : helps to simplify Object Manager display by hiding object hierarchies into a container tag ($)
SnapPRS : extends Move, Scale, Rotate tools functionality by combining it with snapping to a level difficult to understand ($)
UVToolBox : set of tools for setting UV's ($)
KeepManager : ? if someone understands what it does, let me know. (my japaneese is pretty bad) ($)
SketchMesh : probably a modeling tool for retopology ($)


C4D zone

View Calibrator : helps to calibrate planar views when using reference images for modeling (free)
Easy Chesterfield : create Chesterfield effects for pillows, couches, sofas and similar (free)
MultipleSplineMask : boolean spline mask allowing to use multiple splines at the same time (free)
Lost a Point : modeling tool to create/align/snap points with integrated guide line (free)
Burn Alert : helps user during lighting calibration to find the burned (overexposed) regions of rendering (free)
Point Morph : helps to create and animate complex morph poses (free)
PointToObject : uses a point selection or a set of objects to create reference point objects (free)
Plan Surface Selector : selects all polygons pointing at the same direction. (like Phong Select) (free)
PumpkinGen : creates pumpkins (for fun) (free)
IES Light Collector : helps to overcome a bug in VRay-C4D : IES light files won't be copied correctly in the tex folder (free)
Obj Sequence Importer : import of animated OBJ files focused on Blender fluid simulation ($)
HDRToCubemap : create a VideoGame Cubemap from a panoramic HDRI image file ($)
Vertex Map Animator : helps to create and animate special effects using the Vertex Map Shader ($)
Place Object : helps to place objects within scene on other objects (e.g. for interior and exterior architectural use) ($)
Spline Wrapper : wraps spiral splines around objects ($)
Vertex Weight Helper : helps with skeleton-mesh weighting process ($)
Measure It : measures the distance between two objects - measures can appear on rendered pictures ($)
Power Cloner : Populates target objects with clones by projecting them like light from an emitter ($)
Easy Net : creates nets and grids ($)
Animation Retimer : adjust PoseToPose animation timing with a few clicks ($)
UVWLaser : creates a black white mask image sequence based on a ray-tracing operation over a polygon (e.g. to simulate writing with a pen) ($)
BrickGen : helps building objects with the 3D virtual bricks which are fully customizable (e.g. for lego scenes) or voxelize any mesh ($)
Slice It : cuts polygons with planes and generates the cut pieces ($)
Fold It : helps to fold polygonal sheets and animate folding/unfolding and pop up effects ($)
QuadCaps : closes polygon hole with quadrangular mesh without creating Ngons (helpful for subdivision modeling) ($)
Interior Builder : helps to create furniture ($)
PersianaGen : helps to create, customize, position and rig shutters (e.g. for architectural modeling) ($)
Spline Extruder : combines the power of Sweep Nurbs with polygon modeling by extruding in real time a polygonal selection along a spline path ($)
Isoline Helper : helps during modeling process. It aligns a point selection to an isoline spline reference ($)
Chain Generator : helps to create and animate mechanical chains (e.g. for bike, tank, chainsaw...) ($)
Extreme Gear : automates the rigging of gears ($)
Cross Nurbs : create polygonal plane by crossing two linear splines (patch modeling) ($)
Spline Projection : projects the interpolation of two splines onto a mesh ($)
Modeling Helper : allows to cut/copy/paste polygon selections between mesh objects ($)
Cartoon Fresnel Shader : shader creating a cartoon like effect ($)
Easy Cloud : helps to create and animate PyroCluster clouds ($)
SpiderwebGen : creates spider's web ($)
RAL Shader : shader converting RAL Standard Color to RGB Standard Color ($)
PolyBreaker : fractures mesh objects. It can be combined with C4D dynamics to create awesome effects ($)
Easy Hedge : create hedges of any form ($)
GrassPainter : allows to paint grass, flowers or any custom objects instances ($)
Splinetricity : helps to create and animate electric special effects like electric shocks, bolts, plasma spheres, voltaic arcs etc... ($)
NormalMapGen : creates normal map texture from image ($)
SplineToGrass : creates grass leafs ($)
TuileGenerator : creates tiles on roofs ($)
Easy Ivy : creates creeper plants ($)
Flip It : flips polygon object over selected axis ($)
Distributed Render : allows to render a single image in high resolution on several computers connected with C4D or NET render client ($)


CinemaPlugins (Tools 4D - Paul Everett )

Stipple Modifier : converts any spline into dots and dashes (free)
Dynamic Subdivier : modifier that subdivides or culls polygon objects from the camera frustum (free)
Spline Mask : render splines in shader space (free)
Multi-Modifier 2 : join multiple deformers into on single deformer object (free)
Collage Shader : image particle shader allowing to create seamless, animated textures from images and shaders (free)
LAZPoint : lidar and point cloud management tools ($)
DEM Earth : downloads DEM data to build landscapes models ($)
OSM Importer : imports OpenStreetMap *.osm or *.osm.xml files into C4D ($)
Topo Maps : generates procedural vertex maps for shading, and modifying objects ($)
Vector Pro : better vectorizer ($)
Voxygen : voxel generator ($)
Add Effectors Vol 1 : 3 effectors for MoGraph : ($)
- Surface : Transfer MoGraph particles from one surface to another ($)
- Fit : scale particles to prevent overlapping ($)
- Selection : modifies selection and vertex map tags with falloff ($)
Kendo Shaders+ : procedural shaders and an interactive UV editing tool consisting of : ($)
- Karate :Tiles for walling flooring. It helps avoid the repetitive nature of textures and tiles ($)
- Ninja : Color modifies coloring of instances, clones and particles turning a single material into thousands ($)
- Henkan : UV transformer shader for cutting out,distorting and correcting image segments ($)
- Pikka : UV transformation tool for use with the Henkan shader ($)
Grunge Shader : channel shader for adding dirt and grime ($)
WireShader Pro+ : procedurally render object edges and points through a shader ($)
Smart Shaders : allows to use one shader in multiple materials, without the need to clone the original shader ($)
Texture Transform : Random Tile Shader + Instance Colorizer + Texture Transformer (older version of Kendo shaders) ($)
White Lights : 2.5D volumetric post effect rendering splines, points,edges and particles, as solid light with nice glare ($)



FlowCut : makes edge cuts along multiple selected edges while considering the flow of the mesh (free)
ArchSpline : spline-primitive producing different types of arcs with parameters allowing to adjusted arch shapes (free)
EdgeSweep : generator which creates SweepNurbs out of Edge-Selection Tags (free)
PaintOnSurface : populate object with instances of other objects by painting them + polygon paint tool allowing to create and tweak polygons on other objects ($)
Window Generator & PlacementTool : creation and placement of windows for architectural visualizations ($)

FGX Apps

Point Cache Reader : reads files in the PC2 file format and applies the recorded animation to the object (free)
Disable Materials : disables (and re-enables) all/selected materials in C4D scene (free)
Create Null Hierarchy : duplicates selected hierarchy as nulls named according to the original hierarchy's and having same positions/orientations like the original objects (free)
Rename LR : Selected objects are renamed by switching their prefix (free)
Drop Tag : Tag places object onto the surface of a target mesh, object remains on the surface even if underlying mesh is modified (free)


Polygroups Flatten : modeling command allowing to flatten selected polygon groups (free)
Unfold3D : Exporter for Unfold3D format ($)
UVLayout C4D : Transfers scene between C4D and UVLayout and back ($)



Easy Light : 5 scripts helping with setting of directional and area lights (free)
hot4D : deforms a surface so it looks like a deep ocean (free)
Py-Timer : let you know how much time you spent working on C4D document (free)
Spider Web : creates spider webs between objects (free)
Uniform Resizer : allows to resize an object to exact size (free)
Delta Mush : smooths deformations at character's joints (free version on GitHub) ($)
Xplode : Fragments mesh based on Voronoi diagram ($)

Andrew Noske PY Scripts

object_renamer_find_replace : find/replace on object names using regex library (free)
object_parent_child_renamer : renames all selected parents to using the name of their first child, or all their children to using the parent name (free)
alphabetically_sort_objects : alphabetically sorts all objects under selected parents (free)
copy_object_to_other_objects : copies one object as a new first child or parent of other selected objects (free)
expand_splines : takes an open spline (a line) and turns it into a closed spline (polygon) of desired thickness along the original line (free)
output_spline_points : outputs spline points and name (can help to export to code lines) (free)
reduce_splines : intelligently reduces the number of points in a closed or open spline (free)
convert_bezier_splines_to_linear : converts bezier/cubic/akima splines to linear splines by adding interpolated points along curved edges (free)


TGS The Great Summit

Add to Layer : Add your group of objects to a layer with a single click or shortcut (free)
AniSplines4D : tweak your animation using HUD splines in Viewport (free)
Drop & Render : Drop and Render is a one click solution to render on Dutch 24/7 render farm (free)
FPS Timer4D : animation helper that can be used to time your events and set the timeline accordingly (free)
MeshBoolean : Helps with boolean operations ($)
Lon-Lat Connection Kit : geo-location creation toolkit helps to create accurate locations and connections on the globe ($)
Slice4D : allows to slice objects and animate the process ($)
Streetview4D : allows to create lightning panoramas using Google Street View ($)
Toggle Visibility : allows to toggle “Visible in Editor” and “Visible in Renderer” with one mouse click for a group of objects ($)
Viewport Switch : simplifies switching ON/OFF settings that can slowdown Viewport ($)


Spanki's Prop Shop

Add Normals : adds/updates the Normal Tag to a mesh (free)
KyamaSlide : sliding a selection of one or more edges at once (free)
m3IO : Import Blizzard's .m3 mesh files (free)
PolyMass : Vertex Map -> Polygon Selection and the opposite (free)
I/Ogre : import/export in Ogre3D, .smd, .ms3d fomats ($)
Morph Mill : set of plugins helping in creation/editing of morph meshes ($)
Riptide Pro : .obj import/export ($)
Undertow : assist UV mapping focusing on use of Symetry Object in modeling process ($)


Fuchs & Vogel

FuV CanvasSize : allows to change rendered image proportions without altering the perspective (video) ($)
FuV ClayOverride : clay override material for Octane allowing to preserve specular parameters ($)
FuV BlueprintImporter : script helping to import and scale blueprints (video) (free)
FuV GenerateOutputPath : script creates an output folder at c4d-file location and sets the output path at the rendersettings. Works also with Octane (free)
FuV Close Other Documents : script that closes all documents at once with one click except the active one (free)
FuV Screw Generator : Xpresso setup generating screws (free)



Random Color : Assign random color, disable display color, converts display color to materials ( works on selected/all objects, fails on hierarchies) (free)
Zarabic : allows you to write in Arabic directly in Cinema 4D (free)
ZManipulator : PSR manipulator that operates simultaneously in 3 modes, no need to switch between move, scale, rotate (R13 only) (free)
Object Switcher (HNDisabler) : switches the visibility / activation of objects of specified type (free)
Random Vertex Color : Script that uses C4D Vertex Color Tag and assign random color to connected vertices of a single mesh (polygon islands) (free)
Game of Life : XPresso setup generating in C4D game of life objects (free)


Split Unconnected Polygons : script that splits object's unconnected polygon groups into separate objects (C4D command Polygon Group to Objects) (code) (free)
ZBrush Fibermesh to C4D Hair Object : script that converts ZBrush Fibermesh to C4D Hair Object (code) (free)
Center Object's Axis : puts object's axis into the center of its bounding box (C4D command Center Axis To) (code) (free)
Ground Stones Dynamics : TP setup simulating the interaction between car wheels and ground stones (free)
Delete All Texture Tags : script that removes all texture tags from selected object and its children (C4D command Select Identical Child Tags, then Delete) (code) (free)


Cody Sorgenfrey

CSTO : generator that creates a mesh object from its procedural input mesh ( you get a mesh, while steel keeping control over its procedural version) (free)
Connect Segments : generator that connects spline segments of the fragmented spline used as its input (free)



Instance Vault : workflow plugin, that helps working with instances and managing them. Very useful (free)
VrayTools : make working with Vray Shaders as easy as with c4d shaders (free)


Mike Udin

Shuffler : allows to shuffle objects in the scene, by placing different objects in other objects positions, exchanging their materials etc... (free)
Target 4D
: help to place objects on other objects : move or copy selected objects +simple cloning features (random, along a line, grid) ($)
TakeMatPass : render multi-pass extension that outputs individual B&W materials passes or indexed (different colors for each material ID) ($)
Fast Spline Connector : joins nearby spline ends using distance criteria ($)
Flash Buffer : helps to create object buffer passes ($)
Colorizer : script assigning distinct colours to UV polygon islands ($)



Umami : generates parametric random splines (looking lie noodle like) (free)
Kurulumun : generates curly parametric splines that twist randomly by 90 deg (free)
Material Override : temporarily replace all texture tags by a new material (free)
Slice it Up : cuts closed splines into any number of vertically aligned slices ($)
Renomi : helps to organize Multi-Pass image sequences and maintain Object Buffer names ($)


Teatime : creates the famous Newell teapot (free)
Coolect : does the same as C4D "Save Project with Assets" + file zipping, collect report, comments and can be used on non opened scenes (free)
Pancake : saves/restores scenes in backup directory (free)
Edge to Joints : helps to create rigs by making joints from selected edges (free)
Easy car rig : helps rig and animate cars (free)
Quick measure : script that displays distance between two selected points (free)
RayConnector : plugin for plexus effect - allows to connect Thinking Particles with splines (maximum distance, maximum number of connections) etc... (free)
Apparition : script that allows to hide objects during animation or suddenly appear (free)
VoronoiGenerator : generate a 2D Voronoi-Diagram or a Delaunay-Triangulation that can be influenced by objects or particles (free)
LayerGenie : improves workflow with layers assisting with objects assignment to layers, layers sorting etc... ($)


Cineversity Plugins

CV-Toolbox : manager for installing Cineversity plugins (free)
: allows to add graphics from Adobe Illustrator or PDF files into C4D (free)
CV-Swim-ase-Importer : allows to import Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ase) files to create materials and shaders from color swatches. It can put swatch colors into gradient, colorizer, multishader, separate materials... manual (free)
CV-Alioscopy Camera : allows to record 3D scenes for glasses free 3D screens using Alioscopy technology ($)
CV-Boole Tools : Helps to create complex C4D boolean hierarchies from multiple objects ($)
CV-CleanMode : allows to switch Vieport display between two modes (eg. with gridline and other display elements and a clean view) ($)
CV-Convert to PBR Material - Converts selected color + spec materials to the "New PBR Material" template ($)
CV-Dailies: simplifies the process of adding notes to and reviewing notes in animation scene files ($)
CV-Import Image As : allows to load image(s) directly intio materials, decals, sprites, gobos, planes, skies, background, foreground. ($)
CV-Layer Comps : A set of tools helping to manage layers and working with them (set active layer, global layers setting, reset layers, select layers of active objects ...) ($)
CV-Morph Interaction Tag : script helping to pose and morph using the Interaction Tag. Links polygon selections to PoseMorph targets, so posing a face is as easy as dragging directly on the model itself ($)
CV-Object Manager Tools : 17 scripts helping with operations in Object Manager (Selection of objects/tags, bufers, layers, materials) Manual ($)
CV-Parametric Selection Tag : allows to make complex selections using various criteria, also on parametric objects ($)
CV-PlaneSmart : import Photoshop layers into planes and distribute them into z-space ($)
CV-Selection Manager : Helps to deal with a large number of selection tags assigned to a single object. ($)
CV-SmartExport : Helps to export selected objects and create separate files for each scene layer or object group. Bake Position, Scale, Rotation and PLA data prior to export ($)
CV-Splines (To Objects)
: Single click commands for spline Extrude, Lathe, Loft, & Sweep. 2 Genertors for interactive outline/offsets spline and chamfer, Helpful for non-destrucive spline modeling. MANUAL VIDEO ($)
CV-StopMotion : tag that converts non-destructively a smooth keyframed animation of an object to a stop-motion animation.
CV-SubDeformer : deformer object creating localized, falloff-based subdivision.
CV-Swim-ase-Importer : allows to import Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ase) files to create materials and shaders from color swatches. It can put swatch colors into gradient, colorizer, multishader, separate materials...($)
CV-Tokens : provides additional tokens that can be used in render filenames and folders (Date, author, computer, render engine, render height ...) ($)
CV-VRCam : allows to render virtual reality content using Equirectangular, Omni-Directional Stereo or Cube Maps ($)
CV-WeightScripts : set of scripts helpful for character weighting (import/export weights to a file, blend weights along a path or based on neighboring vertices, copy/pase weights, assign weights with keyboard shortcuts) ($)
GRIP : set of utility scripts designed to make it easier to work with cameras and lights ($)
Linear Deformer Scripts : scripts that create a Linear falloff deformer. This allows you to utilize the plain effector to quickly adjust a selection of points with falloff ($)
MatteMatic : script that allows you to add all the object buffers in your scene to the Multipass Render Settings with a single click ($)
Natural Selection : set of utility scripts designed to help in common point, edge and polygon selection tasks (set new selection, mirror selection, select similar) ($)
OBJ Sequence Export : exports an OBJ sequence ($)
Pickwalk : Pickwalker plugin and Pickwalk scripts help to create a walk map for traversing the scene (select specific scene items) Helpful for selection of specific parts of complex rigs. It works also with components ($)
Rig-It : scripts helpful for rigging (Split joint, create forward kinematic controllers for selected joints, create a controller out of any polygonal object, assign colors for left and right sides of the rig) ($)
Switch : aids in 2D character design, setup, and animation ($)
XpressoMaker : set of scripts that take some of the pain out of creating complex rigs with Xpresso ($)


CURIOUS ANIMAL (Daniel Fitzgerald)

Shadow Falloff : create a falloff in the shadow of another object (free)
Spline Falloff : create a falloff along the length of a spline (free)
PolyEdge Spline : Generate a live spline from a polygon object's edge selection (free)
Velocity Effector : Modify your Mograph clones based on their speed (free)
: extends Mograph toolset, helps create unique clones with separate control over a wide range of object parameters ($)
Grid : creates layout of tiles, and choose what content to show in each tile ($)
Membrane Deformer : make portions of models stretchy (e.g. for webbed feet) ($)
Motion Stretch Deformer : stretches object through time along the path of its animation ($)
Seam Deformer : joins two sets of object's edges together (e.g. for zipping cloth effects) ($)
Impact Deformer : creates on objects surface ripples defined with splines ($)
Rebend Deformer : alters existing curvature of models. Straighten out pre-bent objects ($)
Scroll Roll Deformer : roll up object geometry (e.g. paper scrolls, carpets, create sprouting animations like feathers growth) ($)
Sphere Wrap Deformer : wraps geometry around a sphere with only one pole (Less pinching on front facing elements) ($)
Snap Deformer : snaps objects points to a grid creating a voxel like effect ($)
Cluster Effector : aggregates Mograph clones together ($)
Super Source Falloff : falloff influenced by scene objects (also spline and particles) ($)
Noise Falloff : adds noise to an existing falloff shape (e.g. to add randomness to Mograph effectors) ($)
Boole Falloff : combine two existing effectors falloffs to create a new falloff shape ($)
Falloff Sampler : Create shader gradients based on Mograph effector falloffs (e.g. Use falloff gizmo to easily position gradients) ($)
Difference Map : Creates a vertex map based on objects' deformation (e.g. to control material shader) ($)


Ruimac - Rui Battista

Time Frequency : A self animated shader that produces cyclical color (free)
Align & Distribute : align / evenly distribute objects from a small dockable window (free)
PSR Clipboard : allows to copy/paste at the same time of the 3 XYZ values from object PSR (position, scale, rotation) (free)
Selected Index Display : displays components indexes in viewport (free)
Dynamic IRR: Dynamically adjusts the Interactive Render Region to an object, a set of objects, the whole window or just the render size (free)
Speed Display : Speedup viewport by dynamically adjustable level of detail ($)
Speed Display Screen : Speedup viewport by dynamically adjusting level of detail based on the distance to the center of your screen ($)
Find & Replace : Easily manage big projects: searches, replacements, deletions, groupings,renaming of objects and materials ($)
Aligner : alignment, distribution and adjustment of objects positions, considering their geometry and/or axis ($)
CMYK : Define colors for materials in CMYK color space ($)
AnSolo : Hide all objects besides the one you are working on ($)
Selection Filter : set Selection Filter options from a tab ($)
Display Filter : set Selection Filter options from a tab ($)
Coordinates Display : displays vertex coordinates/indexes in viewport ($)
Vault : store intermediate states of objects, their parametric versions, alternative versions etc... in vault object ($)
Forkroot : create soft joints branching for roots, lightnings, tree branches ($)
info : displays in viewport information about selected object's polygon count, points, edges etc... ($)
P-Tree : creates simple parametric trees with adjustable parameters ($)
PolyDisplay Redux : hide some polygons on meshes to speed up display ($)
Spline Simplifier : reduce number of points on spline while keeping its shape ($)
Infoverload : displays information about components count for parametric objects ($)
PolyPaint : vertex painting in RGBA (color+alpha) ($)
Spriter : create flat voxel objects from bitmaps ($)
Patterner : shader with numerous geometric/falloff parameterizable patterns and editor to create your own vectorial patterns ($)
PicHUD : Display an animated movie frame in your editor viewport for modeling and/or animation and timing reference ($)
ToPoly : create polygonal live instances of parametric objects ($)
Vertex AO : tag generating vertex maps with Ambient Occlusion/Proximity values ($)
VertexMapMix : tag that generates vertex map based on operations performed on other vertex maps ($)



Ground Tag : keeps objects on ground (free)
STACX : channel shader allowing to stack up to 32 shaders creating a 3D material that can be used like a volume shader (free)
XReTarget : tag plugin, which transfers animations or poses from one character to another (free)
Car rig Helper : separates the wheels of a car and puts then in a new object structure which can be used with Drive! simulations (free)

Real Traffic : helps to create road traffic simulations ($)
Drive! : physically correct vehicle animations ($)
SplinePatch : patch modeling to create smooth, curved surfaces from intersecting splines which is especially suited for cars, clothing... ($)
CX : tool for creating animated web content (exports projects in the web standard HTML5/CSS3) ($)
X-Wheels : equip Drive! vehicles with up to 10 axes. Additional wheels are integrated into the simulation. Tracked vehicle can be configured too ($)
Crashbox : enables collisions between Drive! vehicles, rigid bodies and spline outlines. Car damages are realized using deformers, that are controlled by the simulation ($)
DirectControl : Tag that control objects and parameters "live" with a game controller while the animation is running ($)



[Auto]CAD2C4D : export native AutoCAD scenes into C4D ($)
Camera Shader : shader displaying what is seen by C4D camera. (e.g. project image from C4D camera on TV object in the same scene) (free)
Cinapsis : allows to find and edit any element of the scene and run commands or plugins dynamically on a specific set of items ($)
enDOFin : post effect plugin to achieve advanced depth of field (DOF) effects ($)
Glare : glow post effect plugin blurs bright areas to create a more natural look of renderings ($)
Happy Little Paint Shader : On contact or approximation objects can leave trace on another object ($)
Photometric IES & LDT : true photometric light ($)
Reference Shader : shader instancing allows to reuse shaders in different channels and materials ($)
Spline UV Mapper : draw a spline that follows object's geometry and get proper mapping on bended / twisted objects ($)
SPLURF : provides patch modeling in C4D with spline surfaces ($)
XRef Shader : use a 3D scene file as a dynamic texture. (similar to Camera Shader) ($)


Vision 4D

Advanced PolySplit - slices objects by selection tags and deletes the old tags and materials from the source object ($)
Power Reducer - transforms CAD files into scenes manageable in C4D by compressing geometry, align normals, assign textures etc... ($)
DocTabs - display opened C4D documents as tabs, so you can quickly switch between scenes ($)
Picture to Plane - assists in creation of billboards from libraries of images ($)



(It seems that all free Remotion plugins are outdated and none works in R13-R19)
AMa Multislide : ?
AMa 1D Snap : ?
PhyTools :
PhyFluids2D : 2D fluid simulation shader based on Voxel-Grid(Eulerian). Only 2D simulation is possible with it, 3D version is available as PhyFluids3D.
PhyFluids3D : simulate fluids (smoke,liquids and more…).
UniFlex : simulation engine for Roper, Soft-Bodies, Cloth, Semi Rigid Bodies and more for Ciname 4D R12 or higher
Silver Bullet 4D : Rigid body dynamics simulation system
Silver Bullet 4D Plus : extended version of Silver Bullet 4D
RemoZipTools : Exporting of C4D scene compressed in ZIP file and opening of C4D scenes directly from zip file. Supports 7z format.
ChamferMaker : ?
ReSelector : ?
ASE T3D Exporter : ?
DDS Input Output : provides support for .dds format, which can be used in textures
TDEM : Particles system
: voxels generator and cloner, tetraeder generator, TP generator, Iso Surface Polygonizer, Point Cloud Generator ($)
SuperTracer : spline generator, that can track state of input object over time. It supports following modes "Chain", "Net", "Web" ($)
UniFlex : GPU simulation engine for Roper, Soft-Bodies, Cloth, Semi Rigid Bodies ($)
GeoTools : GeoBreaker multi-threaded fracturing and destruction, MetaThing., SmoothMesh, TopologyInfoTag ($)
DiTools : deformers, modifiers, shaders, Xnodes, post effects, cloner and surface painter tool ($)
SpectralMagic - Dispersion/Thin Film shader simulate the spectral dispersion of light.



Sparkle Shader : (free) creates materials with realistic flakes reflection ($)
: influences Vertex Map by objects points velocity (e.g. to drive a shader for soft body - material changing on impact) ($)
Surface Curvature Shader : calculate curvature values based on the local curvature of mesh vertexes and interpolate the values ($)
Real Curvature Shader : uses differential geometry, to estimate curvature values on triangle/quad meshes ($)
Atlasing Tool : for creation of atlases ($)
UVW Mapper : camera projections for Vray ($)



AIT : Automatic Inline Tangents helps animators to update key tangents dynamically ($)
File Lock : protect scene content with password (hides structure displayed in Object Manager) ($)
Harvester : save animation of a rig, then reapply it on another similar rig. ($)
LMR : Lo-key Multi Renderer allows to render multiple scenes with more options than batch rendering (various cameras and render settings) ($)
WCP : Walk cycle producer helps to create walk cycles for bipeds or quadrupeds animations ($)



Rounded Gradient : Shader creating rectangular, rounded gradients and thread gradients for screws in normal map or displacement map ($)
People in Motion : helps to animate human models (including DAZ 3D models) and create crowds ($)
PhotoMatch : helps to integrate 3D objects with background images and to model 3D objects from a photo ($)
Parametric Toolkit : non uniform resizing of objects by grabbing by bounding box corner, posing objects on other objects surface ($)
My IES Designer : lets create realistic IES lights in C4D ($)
Key Optimizer : reduces the number of keys in baked animations allowing to edit them more easily ($)



Label : labels helps organize complex scenes/objects. Fast access to labeled objects from viewport. Better visibility in Object Manager (custom labels) ($)
Lorenz Attractor : is a procedural spline generator creating a spline in form of Lorentz Attractor ($)
Height4D : create heightmaps inside C4D from any object with adjustable contrast/brightness ($)
IlluLight : quickly create global lighting ($)
SuperShape : creates supershapes which are extension of the both the equation of the sphere and ellipse ($)



Arch-01 : modeling toolset that allows to draw geometry inside C4D with classic CAD like precision and workflow ($)
Baluster4D + Stairs 4D : creates fences and stairs (for architects) ($)
Win4Door :creates windows and doors (for architects) ($)
BeatMarker : workflow plugin for animators, that automatically generates markers from an audio input ($)
Voxelate - voxelizer compatible with dynamics, use render instances, variable size and detail of voxels, MoGraph compatible ($)
Crystal Generator - generate crystals around polygonal objects ($)
PolySpline : create spline driven voxels ($)

(videos) (Twitter)

Trypogen : generator modifies parametrically object's edges and faces creating fantastic cell effects ($) ♥
TopoFormer : deformer changing mesh topology along new pattern lines (cubic, voronoi cells, honeycomb, twister...) that can be also extruded ($)
Topowire : generator creating multiple pending lines between objects. (hair, spline, sweep) ($)
RandomPoly : scripts helping to create random selections of polygons (free)
UserData : scripts allowing to create multiple user data containers on multiple objects (free)



Markerlist : extend Cinema 4D`s Marker with a good overview listing – Import and Export xml files. import Audacity, Reaper, FinalCutProX Markers (Free)
Stage : provides a toolkit to organize and control a large number of light fixtures. Useage of presets for all functions of lights gives a fast way to generate different looks. Create your own library of fixtures and connect them to presets. ($)
Magnets : Selective Object Snapping Plugin: Use magnet points or lines in your own 3D Objects to snap selective together ($)
Cake : Sweeter Bake Render Process. Perspective Rendering on a unwraped UV Texture ($)


Greyscalegorilla (GSG)

Signal : tag that allows to animate any parameter with no keyframes ($)
Transform : transforms one object into another via an "explosion" VIDEO ($)
Topcoat : alternative interface intended to simplify setting of reflectance channel parameters. ($)
GorillaCam : adds slight movements to the camera, focal drift, jolt, overshoot in order to simulate hand held camera ($)



Devert MaterialOverwrite : allows to temporarily overwrite all materials in the scene with one selected material (free)
AdvancedLoopSelection : easily edge/polygon selections with hotkeys, stepwise selection, orthogonal loops (buy) ($)



Pixelberg : brings realtime PBR to the C4D viewport and hardware render ($)
Vertex Normal Tool : allows to create and manipulate vertex normals on polygon objects ($)



Sketch4D - download and directly import the 3D Google Warehouse models into C4D ($)
GE-Terrain - acquire the digital terrain model from Google Earth into C4D ($)


ASG (Abstract Shape Generator) : create abstract shapes using deformers and primitives ($)
Neon Deluxe : creates neon lights and tubing from splines
Neon : creates neon lights and tubing from splines
XMAS Lights : Creates strings of Christmas Lights from splines



SplicerTV (?)

SINTRIX : Lidar data acquisition
Blaze / Inferno : bake down complex animation eg. for export. Inferno allows to manipulate individual mograph clones.
Blendy360Cam : allows to render panoramas, fulldome, fisheye, stereoscopic, cubemap, cylindrical,little planet
CineDesigner : allows to visualize real world camerawork and lighting scenarios


Simulation :

X-Particle : alternative particle system based on parametric principles unlike native C4D particles requiring knowledge of Xpresso. Use C4D effectors to colour, size, distort particles ($)
Turbulence FD : voxel-based fluid dynamics simulation system for making fire and smoke ($)
RealFlow : connection between C4D and Realflow fluid simulation software ($)
Effex : framework for physics-based simulations, with its own particle system, able to create fire, smoke and fluids also combing these effects with rigid body dynamics ($)


Scattering, cloning, environments, plants, skies :

Surface spreead : populate (scatter) large amount of object's clones on surfaces + terrain generator + shaders for terrains ($)
Forester : creates procedural vegetation and rocks and uses Multicloner tool for scattering those objects ($)
x-frog : parametric plant creation ($)
XStream : e-on software Vue inside C4D (terrains, skies, plants, scattering) ($)
Carbon scatter : e-on EcoSystem scattering from Vue, for C4D ($)
Cloud Factory-ozone : e-on sky/atmosphere system for C4D ($)
plugEllo : cloning system similar to MoGraph, but with fewer features ($)


Renderers :

IRAY : Nvidia live physically based rendering providing instant feedback (e.g. so needed when adjusting scene lighting) ($)
V-Ray Renderer : alternative renderer allowing to render from within C4D interface (no need to export scenes to renderer) ($)
SolidRocks : automates the complex setup of V-Ray ($)
Arnold Render : provides the bridge between C4D and Arnold Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer ($)
Maxwel Render : provides seamless integration with C4D interface ($)
Corona Render : CPU renderer + scatter system ($)
Octane : GPU accelerated physically correct renderer ($)
CentiLeo : GPU unbiased rendering engine, not limited by GPU memory (forum) (alpha stage free)
Redshift : fully GPU accelerated biased renderer ($)
Thea Render : GPU accelerated real time preview render ($)
Cycles 4D : Blender Cycles Render engine (CPU/GPU), node based, with support for X-Particles, TurbulenceFD (TUT) ($)



Other (free) :

Substance in Cinema 4D : use substance materials directly in C4D (TUT) (free materials) (free)
Perfect Split : cut out a polygon selection from a mesh (leaving a hole) and creates a new object from the selection (free)
DualGraph : transforms Delaunay triangle-mesh into cell like Voronoi topology (free)
Points to Circle : takes the outer selection of points (edges, polygons) and arranges them into a circle (free)
Spline Connector : generates splines to connect all objects and mograph instances in the list (free)
Chamfer Maker : generator that bevels edges (free)
Plugin Wizzard : template system with a wizard GUI helping in plugin development process (free)
3D Meier : various math related plugins allowing to generate function defined surfaces, splines, cylinders intersections etc... (free)
Ben Johnson : very old colection - most does not show up in recent versions of C4D, or does not work
Ivy Grower : generates ivy plants (free)
Reeper : generates ropes along splines (free)
Hangover : notifies about rendering completion (on phone, e-mail...), can shout down computer (free)
Granola : sound alert about rendering completion (free)
Refractive Index Importer : for physically correct rendering of reflectance (free)
Selection to Objects Split : command that splits object into subobjects at one click. It looks at the materials and their assigned selection and creates a separate object (free)
Group Object : when applied on several objects, all become one. Eg. you click on any object, and whole group is selected and can be moved as one.
NoLoopSpline : spline for transmission drives, track, that don't create inverted loops (download) (free)
Select N’Go : Exports selected objects form C4D to custom directory in a multifile output (FBX, ABC, DAE) (free)
C4D-anim-UE4 : export default key frame object animation to the Unreal Engine and export as a (*.fbx) file all in one go (free)
VDBfusion : procedural modeling toolkit, like Meshfusion for Modo, using VDB workflow for Houdini Engine (free)
DDS Loader : imports DDS images into C4D (download) (free)
OBJ Sequence Exporter : exports OBJ file sequences that can be imported into Plexus using the Plexus OBJ Object (free)
ArtSmart : import from Adobe Illustrator or PDF into C4D (free)
AR-media : allows to experience augmented reality with C4D - eg. visualise3D models on the desk (free)
SoloSelected : simple solo script (free)
Sketchfab exporter : allows to export and publish models directly to sketchfab website (free)
Edit-Optimize : script that makes the repetitive task of making objects just ONE (free)
RenderFrame : allows to render to picture viewer just current frame without having to change rendering settings (free)
Net Creator : generates splines connecting components or objects like MoGraph Tracer. Can create nice plexus effects. Support Vertex Maps (free)
Uber Tracer : generates splines connecting components or objects. It extends the feature set of the MoGraph Tracer. Can create nice plexus effects (free/$)
Diagram Generator : generates 3D diagram with animated coins in the bars (free)
KTools : Tag cleaner plugin removes empty Selection Tags, texture tags whose ‘Selection’ property (Selection Tag) is empty or whose Material is missing (free)
SplineGen : allows to merge, subtract, and intersect Splines from one another (free)
Din3D Importer : imports Din3D files and establish a link with ArchiCAD (free)
ManualKerning : influence the kerning distance (and a bit more) of MoText objects (free)
ColourTable : provides simple color tables (free)
HoRope : generates setup for animating dynamic ropes (video) (free)


Other ($) :

HB ModellingBundle : set of >70 scripts making modeling in C4D easier. Some just improve standard C4D commands, some bring new functionality (e.g. HB Paste) ($)
FCS Toolbox : set of multiple tools for modeling ($)
Path Deformer : deforms objects by a spline without loosing proportions ($)
NOTA Effector : for MoGraph animation without using key-frames ($)
C4DtoMAX MAXtoC4D : Transfer scene between C4D and 3DsMax with 2 clicks ($)
MochaBlend : converts 2D tracking data into 3D motion ($)
Hide & Seek : helps in complex scenes managements, enhances, simplifies interaction with Object Manager ($) : import/export to Rhino ($)
CineCAT : camera tracking - it estimates camera parameters and reconstructs 3D points of the scene from image sequences ($)
pyDeform : helps to assign and match deformers to objects, including matching deformer axis to object ($)
Storm Tracer : volumetric placard rendering system for particles ($)
DeGamma : suite of post effects like chroma blur, bloom, glow, haze, tone mapping, lens distortion, bleach bypass, degamma ($)
Spline-TimePro : set of 15 plugins for various spline related effects : morph splines, grow, mix, connect, branch, fractal... ($)
Add-the-Sea : wave deformer and foam shader for creation of realistic water interacting with shoreline ($)
Storage Bin : workflow plugin that stores backups of object state as you work, so you can restore them when something goes wrong ($)
Quick Matte Pro : helps defining rendering multi-pass : sets mattes, add object buffers, and add every single object buffer to multipass render settings with one click ($)
Buffer Booster : simplifies adding adding object buffers for multi-pass and creating muti-pass setup for buffers ($)
4D Publish : export to 3D PDF format and additional tools helping with painting, sculpting, AO baking etc... ($)
Seamilar : creation of seams and UV islands while performing an automated unwrapping of said islands ($)
PolyGnome : allows to construct models by seamlessly adding mesh details on selected polygons, which get replaced by prepared assets ($)
Arkos : architectural plugin for creating all kind of handrails (and of course other structures, eg. fences or grids) ($)
Image2plane : takes hundreds of images and in one click import them, put them each on their own texture, their own plane, and re-size them instantly ($)
Grip Tools TrackIR : real time motion capture ($)
Camera Match : allows to build a model based on a photograph or match your model view to a photograph ($)
Material Override : is a post effect plugin that allows to render a scene with all its materials or selected materials replaced by a single master material ($)
MochaBlend : converts Mocha’s 2D planar tracking into 3D motion allowing to blend camera captured 2D video with C4D 4D scene (motion tracking) ($)


Old, obsolete collections :

Ben Johnson : very old colection - most does not show up in recent versions of C4D, or does not work
Remotion - Old free plugins : none works in R13-R18 ($)
Studio Fabian - Old Plugins : outdated or replaced with C4D features (free)


NON PLUGINS : Libraries, Set ups, Rigs :


Motion Drop : moving organic stretched blobs
Sharpbox : setup to create sharp reflections
The Illuminati : rig for fast GI

Mustapha Fersaoui

Think Particle




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