MY ADVENTURE WITH 3D begun in February 2002 with Vue d'Esprit 2, it was fun to play with, it was so simple that it allowed me to create 3D scenes without even opening the manual. A few months later I switched to Vue d'Esprit 4 and started to realize that there is 3D software for amateurs, like Vue, Bryce, Poser and 3D software for professionals like 3D MAX, Maya, XSI, Lightwave, Cinema 4D. I wanted to learn something more serious than Vue and Poser, I started with Lightwave. I learned quite a lot as for such novice that I was back then, enough to let me texture and render my first scene in Lightwave. After that, I wanted to learn some modeling. Unfortunately, Lightwave Modeler disappointed me. It wasn't intuitive, it looked obsolete. I gave a try to Maya and 3D MAX, but I was overwhelmed by their complexity. Back then, I had no internet at home, so when learning new software, I could rely only on the user manual. It wasn't as easy as today when you have access to thousands of video tutorials. I was highly impressed by Softimage, but it wouldn't run properly on my computer because of a too small screen resolution. In the end, I got Cinema 4D R6 from a computer magazine and I was pretty impressed. I was able to do something with this software. Despite my decision, back then, to move from Vue into some serious professional software, it didn't happen. Guys from e-on were impressed with my 3D scenes created with Vue and offered me a job. In this way, I spent next 10 years with e-on mostly working on 3D vegetation projects and The Plant Factory. During this time I sparsely used C4D, mainly for modeling some stuff for my Sci-Fi scenes, but I had no time to learn it deep enough. Only after I left e-on, to work on my own TPF plant models, I had more time to spend with C4D.
Now I am 100% dedicated to C4D.







CINE.WEX is my new website focused on the technical aspect of Cinema 4D, while B0.Y0 website will be focusing on SciFi art created in C4D (follow the SCI-Fi link on the top right corner)
CINE.WEX website was designed for 4K screens. Since 4K is becoming a standard for TV and probably everybody involved in CG will soon switch to 4D I didn't care much about website scaling - just use Ctrl + - or Ctrl + mouse-wheel if the page exceeds your screen size.
My old websites can be accessed using the links on the left :
GRAPHIQUE 3D was dedicated mainly to e-on software Vue,
GREEN GENE was focused on 3D vegetation.

section of this website might be the most interesting for you. It is meant to become an encyclopedia of all plugins for C4D.
In the first section, you will find the list of plugins grouped by author, in following sections similar plugins are grouped together and illustrated with pictures or short movies. Some are treated in detail (after you click on the image - a page with more detailed description opens) At this moment such deeper description of plugins is done mainly for some shader plugins (e.g. providing detailed examples of shader displacements). You can support this project of C4D plugins database with a donation.

MY MANUAL: When I started to learn C4D from the user manual, I found that large parts of the documentation are circumlocutory and too convoluted to be directly understood without simultaneously testing features in C4D. So I started rewriting C4D documentation, adding pictures better illustrating functionality etc... In the "Manual" section of this page, you will find some examples of my partial version of C4D manual formatted for printing.




MISSING (features) : A few years ago I had a brief adventure with Softimage - was impressed by Vitaly Bulgarov's 10 days mechanoids challenge, so I decided to follow his time-lapse modeling video. Time spent with Softimage gave me a different perspective how modeling tools can operate and a lot of ideas on how C4D polygon modeling could be improved. Softimage is dead but remains a goldmine of ideas for efficient modeling tools. Cinema 4D can still learn a lot from Softimage. I hope that one day C4D will have all modeling features I knew from Softimage. In MISSING section I describe improvement proposals for C4D - mainly for the interface and modeling tools.


SUPPORT : you can support me by making a donation. With your donation, you can specify what you would like me to focus on in the first place. E.g. add plugins reviews or scenes illustrating the use of plugins.
I hope you find useful the idea of having all C4D plugins in one place.






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