Welcome to Green Gene information hub on virtual vegetation.

Green Gene is the place where you can get reliable information about various kinds of 3D botany software. Green Gene provides you with interesting ideas and helpful suggestions about 3D plants creation process.

I can help you with issues related to creation, handling and rendering of 3D vegetation and if you need, I can create for you 3D models of specific plants.

Since 2004 I was working with e-on on 3D vegetation projects and I have created most of Vue "official plants". Since 2007 I worked on development of e-on's new plant editor TPF (The Plant Factory). But I am also an expert in other leading vegetation modelers like Speed Tree & Xfrog and in L-System programming of semi-fractal models.

I have a particular interest in design and creation of unusual models, ex. alien life forms for games or film industry.

Please, take a look on a sample of my models in 3D PLANTS section.















3D model of money plant I have created in  TPF