Welcome to my website dedicated to 3D graphics. You'll find here my impressions about 3D graphics, 3D software, my 3D art, some old 3D content for Vue and links to the best 3D related websites.

My first direct contact with 3D graphics dates to 1988. Back then I had a "powerful" Commodore Amiga (7.66MHz and 1MB RAM) with Videoscape 3D (it was the grandpa of Lightwave - 2.5 MB on 3 floppies wow!). I was setting simple scenes from few spheres or cubes. Unfortunately ray-tracing rendering technique is extremely greedy for calculating power, Amiga wasn't ready yet to perform it efficiently. Even in case of simple scenes (a sphere and a mirror surface) rendering could last up to 20 hours. With such lack of calculating power it was almost impossible to create any interesting art. Computer technology was not ready yet to give artists freedom of unlimited creativity in 3D.
After a couple of tests I pulled the plug on it and focused on fractals.

During next 15 years computer technologies developed to such extend that common PC could outperform Cray supercomputers from mid 80's - thousand times more powerful than Amiga 500. Such computing power allowed creating at home 3D scenes similar to Star Wars or Matrix.

My second adventure with 3D graphics unexpectedly begun in 2002, when lured by an unbelievably photorealistic 3D image, I've bought February issue of PC Format with free edition of Vue d'Esprit 2 , a French 3D application dedicated to natural environments. Vue d'Esprit quickly won my hart with simple, intuitive interface. I could start to build my first 3D scenes without looking into manual. I learned new functions simply by using the program. Simplicity of Vue d'Esprit 2 interface let me focus on created subject, instead of loosing time trying to find needed feature in convoluted interface, how it often happens with big 3D applications. With each new 3D scene I preformed my 3D workshop, I tried to discover new techniques, to push further the limits of Vue d'Esprit, to learn other 3D applications and try to improve composition & expression of my images.

In 2003 e-on invited me to participate in beta tests of Vue 4 Pro, and in early 2004 I started fulltime cooperation with e-on, which lasted for almost 10 years. During that time I focused mainly on 3D vegetation projects, but I also created a lot of content like materials, atmospheres, clouds, terrains, tutorials, and I suggested countless improvements to e-on build software.

Please, check my new website about 3D plants: GREEN GENE, my information hub about virtual botany, with a lot of information about software aimed on generation of 3D plants (The Plant Factory, Speed Tree, Xfrog, Onyx, etc...) and models of plants I designed.

Graphique3D website was updated in october 2014.
Optimized for HD screens, some images provided in 4K resolution.




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