SteadyCAMPRO : multi target / placement camera animation tool suite (free)


xsTargetCamera : creates a target camera at current camera position (free)

CD Align To Camera : Expression tag to align objects to the camera (free)

GRIP : set of utility scripts designed to make it easier to work with cameras and lights ($)

GorillaCam : adds slight movements to the camera, focal drift, jolt, overshoot in order to simulate hand held camera ($)

CineCAT : camera tracking - it estimates camera parameters and reconstructs 3D points of the scene from image sequences ($)

MochaBlend : converts 2D tracking data into 3D motion ($)

xsCameraSizeAdjust : zooms in the viewport or change the size of the active camera with keeping the same perspective ($)
FuV Canvassize : allows to change rendered image proportions without altering the perspective ($)



keyMATE : Keyframe selected objects incl. PSR, KeyFrameselection,Userdata, direct or copy. Ideal for keyframing objects driven by expressions (free)
Select Key
: helps to manipulate with animation keys, select, shift, copy them to other objects, erase tracks with no keys ($)
Timehide : helps animators by reducing the number of elements displayed in Timeline to necessary minimum ($)
Key Optimizer : reduces the number of keys in baked animations allowing to edit them more easily ($)
: animation utility making use of timeline markers ($)
BeatMarker : workflow plugin for animators, that automatically generates markers from an audio input ($)
Magic AnimCurve : helps to change animation curves (free)
Animation Retimer : adjust PoseToPose animation timing with a few clicks ($)

XReTarget : tag plugin, which transfers animations or poses from one character to another (free)

AniSplines4D : tweak your animation using HUD splines in Viewport (free)

FPS Timer4D : animation helper that can be used to time your events and set the timeline accordingly (free)

Magic Texture Map : allows to switch textures used by a material at different frames of animation (free)

Easy Parent : control over parent dynamic to help with animation (free)
Magic Pivot : helps with animation of pivot (e.g. for rolling cube animation) (free)
Magic Roll : helps with animation of rolling cubes and other objects (free
Roll-it : makes objects roll (free) )
Magic Replace : replaces objects with other objects keeping animation and object list unchanged (free)
Apparition : script that allows to hide objects during animation or suddenly appear (free)

xreTIME : Tag to be used on an object to re-time its animation instead of using TimeTrack (free)

Magic Slow Motion : helps to create slow down sequences in animations (free)

AIT : Automatic Inline Tangents helps animators to update key tangents dynamically ($)

WCP : Walk cycle producer helps to create walk cycles for bipeds or quadrupeds animations ($)
People in Motion : helps to animate human models (including DAZ 3D models) and create crowds ($)
NitroPose : character animation helper - create store and animate poses in Pose Library ($)
Magic Domino : helps with domino cubes animations (free)
NitroMotion : procedurally creates new animations or influences those made in C4D ($)

Point Cache Reader : reads files in the PC2 file format and applies the recorded animation to the object (free)

Magic MissFrame : allows to easily find missed frame and render only this frame for whole animation (free)

Direct Morph : fine-tune of morph-targets (free)
Point Morph
: helps to create and animate complex morph poses (free)
Morph Mill : set of plugins helping in creation/editing of morph meshes ($)
SymMorphy : helps with morph mirroring ($)

CV-Morph Interaction Tag : script helping to pose and morph using the Interaction Tag. Links polygon selections to PoseMorph targets, so posing a face is as easy as dragging directly on the model itself ($)

CD HPB View : Tag that draws HPB vector guides in the viewport, helps in avoiding gimbal lock (free)

CD PS Tracks X : Commands that delete position and scale tracks of child joints (free)


CD Joints & Skin : joints, skinning, weight painting and other tools helping in the skinning process in C4D Prime ($)
CD IK Tools : set of command tools and expressions for character rigging and animation in C4D Prime ($)
CD Morph : a point selection Morph system that works with a Point or Polygon object. Morph shapes are stored in tags ($)
CD Constraints : set of constraint expressions tags for Position, Rotation, Scale, Aim, Distance, Mirror, Parent, Clamp, etc. ($)
CD Symmetry Tools : set of tools helpful when you need to adjust the points of the character mesh after rigging and skinning ($)
CD Springy Keys : adds springyness to an object's existing animation ($)
CD FBX Import/Export : FBX import and export for characters rigged with CD Character Rigging plugins ($)

CD IKRP Solver : Helper expression tag for Cinema 4D's old IK tag (free)

Rig-It : scripts helpful for rigging (Split joint, create forward kinematic controllers for selected joints, create a controller out of any polygonal object, assign colors for left and right sides of the rig) ($)

Edge to Joints : helps to create rigs by making joints from selected edges (free)
Vertex Weight Helper : helps with skeleton-mesh weighting process ($)

CV-WeightScripts : set of scripts helpful for character weighting (import/export weights to a file, blend weights along a path or based on neighboring vertices, copy/pase weights, assign weights with keyboard shortcuts) ($)

Delta Mush
: smooths deformations at character's joints (free)
Delta Mush : smooths deformations at character's joints ($)
Harvester : save animation of a rig, then reapply it on another similar rig. ($)
wPoseCloner : handly copy/paste interface for standards Character rig. Controller detection is based on controllers defaults names.

Easy car rig : helps rig and animate cars (free)
Car rig Helper : separates the wheels of a car and puts then in a new object structure which can be used with Drive! simulations (free)

GearBuilder : helps to build gears, by constraining rotation and position of objects (free)
Extreme Gear : automates the rigging of gears ($)

Cars animation

Magic Car : helps with cars animation by steering them with keyboard, like in games (free)
DirectControl : Tag that control objects and parameters "live" with a game controller while the animation is running ($)
Real Traffic : helps to create road traffic simulations ($)
Drive! : physically correct vehicle animations ($)
X-Wheels : equip Drive! vehicles with up to 10 axes. Additional wheels are integrated into the simulation. Tracked vehicle can be configured too ($)
Crashbox : enables collisions between Drive! vehicles, rigid bodies and spline outlines. Car damages are realized using deformers, that are controlled by the simulation ($)
Ground Stones Dynamics : TP setup simulating the interaction between car wheels and ground stones (free)
TrainDriver : allows to chain up train cars and drive them on tracks (free)

Animation Baking

Blaze / Inferno - bake down complex animation for export ($)

NitroBake2 : bakes scene into keyframes for export into another software, including particles, hair etc... ($)

plaMATE : Bake object hierarchy to a single PLA object for greater playback speed or for export (free)

SteadyBAKE : PLA and file baking/playback and time remapping (free)

CTO PLA Maker : a script that bakes animated HyperNURBS or Connect Objects to a single PLA animated polygon object (e.g. useful for exchange data with MarvelousDesigner) (free)


Grip Tools TrackIR : real time motion capture ($)

CV-StopMotion : tag that converts non-destructively a smooth keyframed animation of an object to a stop-motion animation.

Switch : aids in 2D character design, setup, and animation ($)

Signal : tag that allows to animate any parameter with no keyframes ($)

Transform : transforms one object into another via an "explosion" VIDEO ($)

CV-Dailies: simplifies the process of adding notes to and reviewing notes in animation scene files ($)



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